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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Patrick said to travel in relation to Mary as he relates his story in “Lamb to the Slaughter”?
(a) Above and beyond her with each word
(b) Closer and closer to her with each word
(c) Further and further away from her with each word
(d) Entangling toward her with each word

2. Mary is said to watch Patrick as he relates his statement “with a kind of dazed” what?
(a) Relief
(b) Amazement
(c) Horror
(d) Shock

3. Mary tells herself on the way home from the store that if she does things correctly “there’ll be no need for any” what at all?
(a) Explanation
(b) Crying
(c) Acting
(d) Alibi

4. Patrick tells Mary that what he has to say will be what to her in “Lamb to the Slaughter”?
(a) Somewhat of a relief
(b) Potentially crushing
(c) Not what she wants to hear
(d) A bit of a shock

5. As Mary, in the living room, listens to the policemen in the kitchen, their voices are described as being what “because their mouths were full of meat”?
(a) Mumbling and incoherent
(b) Thick and sloppy
(c) Soft and satisfied
(d) Loud and boisterous

6. What refers to the defense by an accused person of having been elsewhere at the time an alleged offense was committed?
(a) Sentence
(b) Alibi
(c) Prosecution
(d) Motive

7. Of the murder weapon, one of the policemen in the kitchen says that it is probably where?
(a) Somewhere hidden in the garden
(b) Right under our noses
(c) Long gone
(d) In an alleyway somewhere

8. What is the “small favor” that Mary asks of Sergeant Noonan and the other officers?
(a) To eat dinner
(b) To let her go to sleep
(c) To leave
(d) To let her take a bath

9. Where in “Lamb to the Slaughter” does the rising action take place?
(a) When Patrick tells Mary he’s leaving her
(b) When the police arrive at Mary’s door
(c) When Mary calls the police
(d) When Mary goes to the store

10. What overturns when Patrick falls to his death in “Lamb to the Slaughter”?
(a) A bookshelf
(b) A lamp
(c) A small table
(d) A radio

11. What kind of meat does Mary take from the freezer in the story?
(a) A string of sausages
(b) A whole salmon
(c) A venison roast
(d) A leg of lamb

12. What color is Patrick’s second drink that he makes for himself described as?
(a) Black
(b) Dark amber
(c) Light crimson
(d) Light brown

13. Sergeant Noonan asks Mary if she would like to go somewhere else and suggests going to whose house in the story?
(a) Mary’s brother’s house
(b) Mary’s sister’s house
(c) Patrick’s sister’s house
(d) Mary’s parent’s house

14. What does Mary ask Sergeant Noonan to give her as the investigation continues?
(a) A police sketch
(b) A gun
(c) A notepad
(d) A drink

15. What is Mary doing as she enters her home from the store?
(a) Laughing and giggling
(b) Frowning and praying
(c) Humming and smiling
(d) Crying and thinking

Short Answer Questions

1. How is the shape of Patrick’s mouth described in the beginning of “Lamb to the Slaughter”?

2. Where does Mary say there’s “plenty of meat and stuff” after Patrick’s arrival?

3. How is Mary said to feel as she comes out of her shock after killing Patrick in “Lamb to the Slaughter”?

4. How is the drink that Mary mixes for Patrick described after he arrives home in “Lamb to the Slaughter”?

5. “Lamb to the Slaughter” is included in what short story compilation?

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