Objects & Places from Lamb to the Slaughter

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While awaiting her husband's arrival from work, Mary looks at this object in the room on several occasions.

Whiskey and Soda

This is the beverage that Mary prepares for her husband when he returns from work each day.

Cheese and Crackers

When Patrick refuses his wife's offer for dinner, she insists that she'll make this appetizer at the least.

Leg of Lamb

This is the murder weapon used to kill Patrick Maloney. She finds it in the freezer when she cannot accept the news he has told her, and she cooks it in spite of the murder. Ultimately she feeds it to the detectives who are looking for that very thing: the murder weapon.


After killing her husband, Mary goes and rehearses her speech for the store clerk before this object in the bedroom.

Grocery Store

This is the location where Mary goes after killing Patrick...

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