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• “Lamb to the Slaughter” is a short story by Roald Dahl; first published in Harper’s Magazine in 1953, the horror story was later adapted to television for an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

• “Lamb to the Slaughter” opens with an introduction to Mary Maloney, who loves her husband and eagerly awaits his arrival from work every day.

• At a few minutes to five in the afternoon, with his usual afternoon drink ready to be mixed, lighting subdued enough to be restful but cheerful at the same time, Mary awaits his arrival.

• As the minute hand creeps closer to five, Mary begins listening for the sounds of his car, ready for her day of solitude to be over.

• As usual, Patrick Maloney arrives at a few minutes to five, and Mary takes his coat, makes his drink, and then sits down again to bask in...

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