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Christopher Moore
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Joshua and Biff take Maggie to the house of her sister _____________ in order to be safe.
(a) Ruth
(b) Lilith
(c) Eve
(d) Martha

2. What does the final Magus use in order to show he is capable of turning one thing into something larger?
(a) Rock
(b) Cake
(c) Rice
(d) Cookie

3. What does Biff learn about when he pays for lessons from Kashmir?
(a) Kama Sutra
(b) Yoga
(c) Sutras
(d) Upanishads

4. Who is the rather naive person that Philip calls over to be a part of Joshua's followers?
(a) Nathaniel
(b) Judas
(c) Mark
(d) Thomas

5. Raziel has shifted from soap operas to _________ as his television addiction while hanging out in the hotel room.
(a) Cooking shows
(b) Daytime talk shows
(c) Professional wrestling
(d) Pay per view

Short Answer Questions

1. Maggie asks Joshua to do something about the lack of __________ at the wedding party, which helps the party become livelier.

2. Who gets cold on the journey, as he has not mastered the art of creating his own heat?

3. __________'s mother bawls him out for not writing over the past seventeen years he has been away.

4. What kind of journey does Gaspar take Biff, Joshua, and others when they go up the mountain?

5. According to Jewish law, only __________ can forgive sins, which causes Joshua's actions to be seen as dangerous.

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