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Christopher Moore
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Joshua discovers ________ by knocking his head against the hanging sign.
(a) A temple
(b) An inn
(c) A bar
(d) A school

2. _________ wants to save the daughter of the man they are with, as well as to save other children who are up for death.
(a) Joseph
(b) Biff
(c) Raziel
(d) Joshua

3. ___________ tells Joy about the wonderful things he has learned from the Magi.
(a) Joseph
(b) Moses
(c) Joshua
(d) Biff

4. __________ asks Maggie to become one of Joshua's followers, but she can not as she is married.
(a) Philip
(b) Biff
(c) Bartholomew
(d) Nathaniel

5. Everything looks __________ to the cured blind beggars, which disappoints them after they are healed by Joshua.
(a) Green
(b) Black
(c) Brown
(d) Bright

Short Answer Questions

1. While waiting for a boat to cross the lake, Biff recruits ___________ to be a part of the followers of Joshua.

2. What is Joshua given to help him with his injury after hitting his head?

3. What is John doing to Joshua when the sky opens up and declares that Joshua is God's son?

4. The boys find out that Balthesar has eight _________, a fact which amazes Biff.

5. Who gets cold on the journey, as he has not mastered the art of creating his own heat?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the story Rumi tells Joshua and Biff about his life and his current situation?

2. What are the only things John eats, as found out by Biff and Joshua when they camp with him?

3. What does Joy teach Biff when he is paralyzed by the poison in his tea?

4. What does Maggie do in order to hopefully become divorced by Jakan?

5. What happens when Joshua is able to let go of all his concepts of self during his lessons?

6. What happens when Joshua gives sight back to the guard he blinded while in a fit of rage?

7. What does Biff learn about John when Biff and Joshua are at the wedding at Cana?

8. What is the identity Joy now promotes for herself in order to keep herself safe from harm?

9. Why doesn't Maggie invite Bartholomew to the wedding, though she invites Joshua and Biff?

10. What does Biff give to Maggie when they meet outside the Sanhedrin?

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