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Christopher Moore
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Men with spears chase Biff, Joshua, and __________ through the elephant grass until they come upon a tiger and its kill.
(a) Rumi
(b) Ganesha
(c) Buddha
(d) Siddhartha

2. What is the nickname for Biff's tutor who is known as Tiny Fee of the Divine Dance of Joyous Orgasm?
(a) Divine
(b) Orgy
(c) Tina
(d) Joy

3. Upon invitation, Joshua and some followers visit __________ at his house in Bethany.
(a) Herod
(b) Pilate
(c) Jakan
(d) Judas

4. The parents are angry with Biff and Joshua as the death of their children might have meant being born into ____________.
(a) Heaven
(b) Riches
(c) Peace
(d) A higher caste

5. Joshua offers to heal Simon of his ____________, but he seems to ignore his condition.
(a) Blindness
(b) Gangrene
(c) Leprosy
(d) Limp

Short Answer Questions

1. The boys find out that Balthesar has eight _________, a fact which amazes Biff.

2. _______________ presents a dinner invitation letter that guarantes safe passage to the merchant's house.

3. Gaspar teaches Joshua about loving his neighbor as his self, which prompts Joshua to become _________ again.

4. According to Jewish law, only __________ can forgive sins, which causes Joshua's actions to be seen as dangerous.

5. Maggie asks Joshua to do something about the lack of __________ at the wedding party, which helps the party become livelier.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Maggie do in order to hopefully become divorced by Jakan?

2. What does Biff learn about John when Biff and Joshua are at the wedding at Cana?

3. What puzzles Biff when they approach the fortress of Balthesar that is built into a side of a cliff?

4. When the mayor of Magdala begs Joshua and Biff to raise his daughter from the dead, what do the two men see is actually wrong with the daughter?

5. What does Joy teach Biff when he is paralyzed by the poison in his tea?

6. What is Biff's mother's reaction to his return home after so many years away with Joshua?

7. What happens when the man at the inn in Antioch gives Joshua a piece of cloth to wipe his face?

8. What are the only things John eats, as found out by Biff and Joshua when they camp with him?

9. Why doesn't Maggie invite Bartholomew to the wedding, though she invites Joshua and Biff?

10. What happens when Joshua is able to let go of all his concepts of self during his lessons?

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