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Christopher Moore
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What animal follows Joshua everywhere he goes when he is a child?
(a) A fish
(b) A black cobra
(c) A camel
(d) A lamb

2. Along the walk on the Silk Road, ________ purposefully bumps into people in order to heal them.
(a) Joshua
(b) John
(c) Biff
(d) Peter

3. How old are the boys when they are ready to start their own apprenticeships?
(a) 9
(b) 8
(c) 12
(d) 10

4. Joseph asks Biff to help teach Joshua how to be ________ so that he can live a more normal life.
(a) Quiet
(b) Human
(c) Perfect
(d) A jerk

5. John the Baptist turns out to be the cousin of ___________.
(a) Maggie
(b) Biff
(c) Justus
(d) Joshua

Short Answer Questions

1. Joshua notes that the _____________ only cares for himself and decides to try raising a woman from the dead.

2. When Joshua's face shows up on a piece of bread, who does Mary try to convince others in the town the face really is?

3. Who demands that the captain treat the boys fairly, frightening the captain out of his wits?

4. What are the boys going to do to the statue of Apollo when they are out on their prank?

5. The sale of ___________ helps to finance the room that Raziel and Biff share in the modern times.

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Biff and Joshua like to do though other children in the town liked to play the usual games?

2. In Jerusalem, Biff and Joshua come upon John the Baptist. What is John doing when they first see him?

3. What does Biff do in order to try to see Maggie, though this is not a successful idea?

4. What does Joshua do for the killed Roman legionnaire in the presence of the crowds in Sepphoris?

5. What does Biff find about the writing in the Bible when he finally gets a chance to read it?

6. What is the task that is assigned to Raziel by Heaven at the start of this book?

7. What happens when the boys begin to deface the statue in the way they had intended?

8. What happened when others have tried to take down the statue of Venus?

9. Why is the city of Sepphoris now restricted in terms of who can come in and out of the gates?

10. Who is being accused of knifing the Roman legionnaire, even though he was not the guilty person?

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