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Christopher Moore
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who gets cold on the journey, as he has not mastered the art of creating his own heat?
(a) Ahmad
(b) Thomas
(c) Joshua
(d) Biff

2. What is Biff's first task at the Buddhist monastery, the one that does not go well, prompting Joshua to step in to heal Biff?
(a) Meditating
(b) Shaving a yak
(c) Carrying water
(d) Standing on his head

3. Joshua and Biff take Maggie to the house of her sister _____________ in order to be safe.
(a) Martha
(b) Lilith
(c) Eve
(d) Ruth

4. __________'s mother bawls him out for not writing over the past seventeen years he has been away.
(a) Moses
(b) Biff
(c) Joshua
(d) Joseph

5. What is John doing to Joshua when the sky opens up and declares that Joshua is God's son?
(a) Hitting him
(b) Baptizing him
(c) Arguing with him
(d) Feeding him

6. Gaspar teaches Joshua about loving his neighbor as his self, which prompts Joshua to become _________ again.
(a) Hungry
(b) Awake
(c) Visible
(d) Messiah

7. Who is the rather naive person that Philip calls over to be a part of Joshua's followers?
(a) Thomas
(b) Mark
(c) Judas
(d) Nathaniel

8. The man that helps Joshua and Biff is from the ___________ caste, which makes him an outcast.
(a) Untouchable
(b) Black
(c) Outcast
(d) Leperous

9. Balthesar's fortress is built into _____________, which puzzles Biff when he sees it.
(a) The ocean
(b) A tree
(c) The side of a cliff
(d) A mountain

10. Whose gospel does Biff find to be unbelievable and lonely at the end, prompting a nightmare?
(a) Joseph
(b) Mark
(c) John
(d) Matthew

11. Everything looks __________ to the cured blind beggars, which disappoints them after they are healed by Joshua.
(a) Bright
(b) Brown
(c) Black
(d) Green

12. Joshua and his disciples hear about the __________ of John the Baptist.
(a) Suicide
(b) Beheading
(c) Hanging
(d) Crucifixion

13. Where is the man from who gave Joshua some help when he was bleeding?
(a) Bethlehem
(b) Nepal
(c) Turin
(d) Jerusalem

14. What is Biff given when his tutor believes he has learned the lesson thoroughly?
(a) Coffee
(b) Sex
(c) Antidote
(d) Gifts

15. When Biff goes into the town to find a job, but finds that a jealous __________ controls who can beg.
(a) Prophet
(b) Leader
(c) Guild
(d) Buddhist

Short Answer Questions

1. Joshua selects from his disciples those who are to become ___________, or carriers of his messages.

2. Maggie runs into the room with ______________ running out of her mouth.

3. Whose Buddhist monastery are Biff and Joshua trying to reach in this section of the book?

4. __________ asks Maggie to become one of Joshua's followers, but she can not as she is married.

5. What does Biff throw during the bloody ceremony in order to distract those who are involved?

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