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Christopher Moore
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The boys find out that Balthesar has eight _________, a fact which amazes Biff.
(a) Concubines
(b) Arms
(c) Homes
(d) Hearts

2. The number of twelve apostles corresponds to the twelve ___________ of Israel.
(a) Cities
(b) Leaders
(c) Countries
(d) Tribes

3. _____________ helps to recruit two other fishermen in order to follow Joshua as he begins to preach along the countryside.
(a) Judas
(b) John
(c) Peter
(d) Biff

4. What does Biff learn about when he pays for lessons from Kashmir?
(a) Sutras
(b) Upanishads
(c) Kama Sutra
(d) Yoga

5. Joshua heals the servant of Justus because he allows _____________ into his kingdom, even though Biff does not agree.
(a) Romans
(b) Only the good
(c) Only men
(d) Anyone

6. Joshua and Biff take Maggie to the house of her sister _____________ in order to be safe.
(a) Lilith
(b) Eve
(c) Ruth
(d) Martha

7. Maggie asks Joshua to do something about the lack of __________ at the wedding party, which helps the party become livelier.
(a) Bread
(b) Food
(c) Water
(d) Wine

8. Biff helps Joshua compose the Sermon on the _____________, which will be given to the followers of John.
(a) Mount
(b) Lake
(c) Stone
(d) River

9. Balthesar's fortress is built into _____________, which puzzles Biff when he sees it.
(a) The ocean
(b) The side of a cliff
(c) A tree
(d) A mountain

10. In what city do Joshua and Biff visit with Joy, now known as the Cruel and Accursed Dragon Princess?
(a) Kabul
(b) Jerusalem
(c) Nepal
(d) Beijing

11. Joshua lets go of all his concepts of _________ and becomes invisible in the process.
(a) Self
(b) God
(c) Humans
(d) The universe

12. Whose Buddhist monastery are Biff and Joshua trying to reach in this section of the book?
(a) Gaspar's
(b) Joseph's
(c) Balthesar's
(d) Melchior's

13. Biff learns that _____________ has been arrested for inciting people to riot.
(a) Bartholomew
(b) Judas
(c) Joshua
(d) John

14. ___________ tells Joy about the wonderful things he has learned from the Magi.
(a) Moses
(b) Joseph
(c) Biff
(d) Joshua

15. What does the final Magus use in order to show he is capable of turning one thing into something larger?
(a) Cookie
(b) Rock
(c) Cake
(d) Rice

Short Answer Questions

1. Upon invitation, Joshua and some followers visit __________ at his house in Bethany.

2. When Biff goes into the town to find a job, but finds that a jealous __________ controls who can beg.

3. What is John doing to Joshua when the sky opens up and declares that Joshua is God's son?

4. What does Joshua do on the Sabbath that gets the attention of the Pharisees who are already nervous about Joshua?

5. Who does Joshua try to cure of his ailments, though he is not happy when Joshua makes his attempt?

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