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Christopher Moore
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is the wedding that Maggie quickly invites Biff and Joshua to before her husband gets home?
(a) Cana
(b) Sepphoris
(c) Jerusalem
(d) Nazareth

2. Maggie runs into the room with ______________ running out of her mouth.
(a) Wine
(b) Milk
(c) Water
(d) Green foam

3. What is so long that Joshua and Biff try to walk all the way around the Great Wall of China, only to give up?
(a) The line for food
(b) The journey
(c) The pathway into the city
(d) The line for the gate

4. Raziel has shifted from soap operas to _________ as his television addiction while hanging out in the hotel room.
(a) Professional wrestling
(b) Pay per view
(c) Daytime talk shows
(d) Cooking shows

5. Whose gospel does Biff find to be unbelievable and lonely at the end, prompting a nightmare?
(a) Matthew
(b) Mark
(c) John
(d) Joseph

6. Bartholomew prefers the company of __________, who are not allowed at the wedding, which is why he is not invited along.
(a) Cats
(b) Camels
(c) Snakes
(d) Dogs

7. Joshua and Biff take Maggie to the house of her sister _____________ in order to be safe.
(a) Ruth
(b) Lilith
(c) Martha
(d) Eve

8. ___________ tells Joy about the wonderful things he has learned from the Magi.
(a) Joseph
(b) Biff
(c) Joshua
(d) Moses

9. What is the nickname for Biff's tutor who is known as Tiny Fee of the Divine Dance of Joyous Orgasm?
(a) Tina
(b) Joy
(c) Divine
(d) Orgy

10. From Balthesar's tutors, Biff and Joshua will learn all they can from the __________ masters.
(a) Indian
(b) Chinese
(c) Russian
(d) Japanese

11. Joshua learns to multiply _________, which gives Biff something to multiply at the market.
(a) Olives
(b) Oil
(c) Wine
(d) Rice

12. When Biff reads the Bible in the beginning of chapter 11, he does not recognize this writer as the boy he knew growing up.
(a) Joseph
(b) Thomas
(c) Mark
(d) Matthew

13. Joshua discovers ________ by knocking his head against the hanging sign.
(a) A temple
(b) A school
(c) A bar
(d) An inn

14. Everything looks __________ to the cured blind beggars, which disappoints them after they are healed by Joshua.
(a) Black
(b) Brown
(c) Green
(d) Bright

15. What does Joshua do on the Sabbath that gets the attention of the Pharisees who are already nervous about Joshua?
(a) Heal a child
(b) Rest
(c) Forgive a man's sins
(d) Baptize a man

Short Answer Questions

1. _______________ presents a dinner invitation letter that guarantes safe passage to the merchant's house.

2. A sign in the form of an image of ____________'s mother on a temple wall appears.

3. What is John doing to Joshua when the sky opens up and declares that Joshua is God's son?

4. What does Joshua get hit with repeatedly during his first lesson with Gaspar?

5. For how many days do the monks refuse entrance to Biff and Joshua, as this is a test to make sure they are committed?

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