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Christopher Moore
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is thrown overboard when he makes a sarcastic comment to the captain of the boat?
(a) Moses
(b) Peter
(c) Joshua
(d) Biff

2. Rabbi ___________ tells Joshua he can be anything he wants to be, just as long as he does not talk about it.
(a) Yahweh
(b) Yakov
(c) Justus
(d) Hillel

3. Who shows the others that the snake in the town is not possessed by a demon by holding their hand up to it?
(a) Joshua
(b) Joseph
(c) Biff
(d) Maggie

4. What does Biff try to talk Raziel into buying in order to get him out of the hotel room for a bit?
(a) Ladies Home Journal
(b) Soap Opera Digest
(c) New York Times
(d) Newsweek

5. Who does Joshua blind in a fit of rage after raising a thief from the dead once, only to have him be killed again?
(a) John
(b) Peter
(c) Biff
(d) A guard

6. When Joshua's face shows up on a piece of bread, who does Mary try to convince others in the town the face really is?
(a) Joshua
(b) Peter
(c) Moses
(d) Biff

7. The angel Raziel ends up getting hooked on _____________ while they are staying in the hotel room.
(a) Chips
(b) Beer
(c) Candy
(d) Daytime soap operas

8. Joshua heals John of a _______ he has developed from being in the water so much.
(a) Fever
(b) Cut
(c) Cough
(d) Rash

9. John the Baptist turns out to be the cousin of ___________.
(a) Biff
(b) Joshua
(c) Maggie
(d) Justus

10. What does the person who wants the statue moved threaten the boys with when they are unable to move it yet?
(a) Whip
(b) Spike
(c) Sword
(d) Gun

11. What does Biff want Joshua to do when they are trying to decide what they will do as adults?
(a) Walk on water
(b) Run away
(c) Become a con man
(d) Stonecutting

12. What animal follows Joshua everywhere he goes when he is a child?
(a) A black cobra
(b) A lamb
(c) A camel
(d) A fish

13. What does Biff compare the Old Testament of the Bible to, noting it is very similar?
(a) Qu'ran
(b) His favorite bedtime stories
(c) Torah
(d) God's word

14. Who is the other character who argues with Joshua about who the real Messiah is?
(a) John
(b) Joseph
(c) Biff
(d) Moses

15. What does Mary do to Joshua to further hide his identity when his faces shows up on a bread during Passover?
(a) Keeps him inside
(b) Dresses him differently
(c) Sends him away
(d) Cuts his hair

Short Answer Questions

1. __________ starts shouting that Joshua consorts with demons when he is knocked over by Joshua's animal.

2. What are the boys going to do to the statue of Apollo when they are out on their prank?

3. Biff tries to explain to Raziel that soap operas are _____________, but the angel does not understand.

4. What room does the angel have no need for, making it an ideal place for Biff to get away?

5. As Joshua and Maggie and Biff are walking to a ________, they talk about what the boys will do as men.

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