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Christopher Moore
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part V: Lamb, Chapter 25 - 26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who notes that he lusts after Joshua's mother, which earns him a punch in the nose from his friend?
(a) John
(b) Peter
(c) Biff
(d) Raziel

2. _____________ can not experience sex firsthand, so he asks for details to be explained to him.
(a) Joshua
(b) Biff
(c) Justus
(d) Raziel

3. Gaspar receives the boys at the monastery and gives them __________ for names, orders a monk to feed them, and tells them their lessons will begin in the morning.
(a) Colors
(b) Characters
(c) Numbers
(d) Sounds

4. What do Biff and Joshua need to take care of if they want to be taken to Balthesar?
(a) Sheep
(b) Horses
(c) Cows
(d) Camel

5. Following tradition, many Jews congregate at _______ for Passover, including the boys, their families, and Maggie.
(a) Bethlehem
(b) Nazareth
(c) Constantinople
(d) Jerusalem

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of journey does Gaspar take Biff, Joshua, and others when they go up the mountain?

2. Who knocks down the man who tried to threaten the boys with punishment?

3. Who is the other character who argues with Joshua about who the real Messiah is?

4. ___________ tells Joy about the wonderful things he has learned from the Magi.

5. What does Biff learn about when he pays for lessons from Kashmir?

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