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Christopher Moore
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part V: Lamb, Chapter 25 - 26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. ____________ sends everyone home with a warning not to pull any more strange pranks without letting him get drunk.
(a) Peter
(b) Justus
(c) Joseph
(d) Jeremiah

2. The Romans have restricted __________ after the attack on the legionnaire the previous night.
(a) Stone
(b) Food
(c) Access
(d) Water

3. Maggie asks Joshua to do something about the lack of __________ at the wedding party, which helps the party become livelier.
(a) Water
(b) Food
(c) Bread
(d) Wine

4. ___________ tells Joy about the wonderful things he has learned from the Magi.
(a) Joseph
(b) Joshua
(c) Moses
(d) Biff

5. What are the boys going to do to the statue of Apollo when they are out on their prank?
(a) Break it
(b) Circumcise it
(c) Tip it over
(d) Draw on it

Short Answer Questions

1. Biff's father talks with the ____________ who has hired him to build the house where the stonecutting takes place.

2. What does Joshua's father do for a living, so it is generally expected he will do the same thing?

3. What reduces Mary's credibility when she talks about her son Joshua and how powerful he is?

4. Where is the wedding that Maggie quickly invites Biff and Joshua to before her husband gets home?

5. When Biff reads the Bible in the beginning of chapter 11, he does not recognize this writer as the boy he knew growing up.

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