Objects & Places from Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff

Christopher Moore
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This place is the childhood home of Biff and Joshua. They leave the town for their journey to the East and return to it after Joshua learns how to be the Messiah.


This place is where many Jews congregate for Passover.


This place is where Maggie's sister, Martha, lives in the house of their brother Simon, also know as Lazarus. It is a central location during Joshua's ministry.

Sea of Galilee

Joshua does much of his early preaching and disciple-collecting near this place. This is where he walks on the water and charges Peter with the task of building Joshua's temple.


This place is where Biff and Joshua learn stonecutting from Biff's father. Jeremiah the Zealot, uncle to Maggie, kills a Roman soldier in this place.


This place is the Persian town near Balthesar's fortress. Joshua heals a man in the town whom...

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