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Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff Multiple Choice Test

Christopher Moore
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Multiple Choice

1. What is the Hebrew name for Biff, the main character in this book?
(a) Joshua
(b) David
(c) Levi
(d) Peter

2. What is the kind of food that Raziel and Biff both enjoy ordering via room service?
(a) Veggie burgers
(b) Caviar
(c) Shrimp
(d) Pizza

3. What is the name of the man who delivers the food to the room of Raziel and Biff?
(a) Joshua
(b) Jesus
(c) John
(d) Thomas

4. While other children play normal games, Biff and Joshua used to pretend to be _____________.
(a) Actors
(b) Rabbis
(c) Devils
(d) Apostles

5. While everyone else fears God and Rom, Joshua fears ______________.
(a) Judas
(b) The Devil
(c) Nothing
(d) Women

6. ___________ develops a sense of satire around the stories of the Bible, while ___________ wants to play true to the stories.
(a) Biff/Joshua
(b) Biff/Peter
(c) Joshua/Biff
(d) Joshua/Peter

7. Who is thought to be a little insane as she talks so much about Joshua's virgin birth?
(a) Lilith
(b) Ruth
(c) Maggie
(d) Mary

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