Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff Character Descriptions

Christopher Moore
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Biff (Levi)

This character is the childhood pal. Always quick with a wisecrack, this character writes his gospel about the incidents leading up to the ministry that leads to a crucifixion.


Born the Son of God but not yet known as the Messiah, this character carries a heavy burden. He must somehow convince enough people that he is the Messiah, and he must learn the ancient wisdom that will make him the Messiah, a man capable of accepting an early death by the horribly painful method of crucifixion.

Maggie (Mary Magdalene)

This character loves both men, but one especially; however, she can never have him for a lover or husband, because God does not allow it. This character must marry another due to a family arrangement.

John the Baptist

Some think that this character is the Messiah. Looking and acting quite insane, this character lives in a...

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