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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What term does Mary address Leonard with before their marriage?
(a) Leonard.
(b) Grandfather.
(c) Healer.
(d) Uncle.

2. What do the criminal charges against Leonard Crow Dog stem from?
(a) Wounded Knee occupation.
(b) Unlawful use of peyote.
(c) Assault and battery.
(d) Rapid City riots.

3. On what date does Mary give birth?
(a) April 9.
(b) April 11.
(c) April 16.
(d) April 6.

4. Who is accused of shooting and killing two federal officers and later convicted of the crime?
(a) Annie Mae Aquash.
(b) Russell Means.
(c) Dennis Banks.
(d) Leonard Peltier.

5. What famous Indian is the first Crow Dog friends with?
(a) Chief Joseph.
(b) Geronimo.
(c) Sitting Bull.
(d) Crazy Horse.

6. Why says, "They won't let Indians like me live"?
(a) Leonard Crow Dog.
(b) Annie Mae.
(c) Frank Fools Crow.
(d) Dennis Banks.

7. Who says that the hoop has not been broken in Chapter Ten?
(a) Leonard Crow Dog.
(b) Mary.
(c) Russell Means.
(d) Wallace Black Elk.

8. What causes Leonard to break down the first time while in prison?
(a) The threat of a lobotomy.
(b) The burning of his parents' house.
(c) His hair being cut.
(d) Being raped.

9. In Sioux traditional births, what is placed in the center of a tipi?
(a) Sacred pipe.
(b) Sweet grass.
(c) Waist high cottonwood stick.
(d) Sage.

10. Who is Ptesan Win?
(a) White Buffalo Woman.
(b) Grandmother Earth.
(c) A medicine woman.
(d) Grandfather Spirit.

11. Who tells Mary that she is the water and the corn?
(a) Barbara.
(b) Her in-laws.
(c) Her New York friends.
(d) Leonard.

12. Who is the ex-marine Vietnam vet who is shot through the heart at Wounded Knee?
(a) Dennis Wilson.
(b) Morning Star.
(c) Frank Clearwater.
(d) Buddy Lamont.

13. Who does Leonard Crow Dog perform spiritual ceremonies with at Wounded Knee?
(a) Wallace Black Elk.
(b) Russell Means.
(c) Dennis Banks.
(d) Merle Left Hand Bull.

14. What is sprinkled over hot rocks in Chapter Fourteen?
(a) Sweetgrass.
(b) Pinon.
(c) Sage.
(d) Green cedar.

15. What ceremony involves the entering of spirits and moving of objects?
(a) Ghost Dance.
(b) Yuwipi ceremony.
(c) Sun Dance.
(d) Healing ceremony.

Short Answer Questions

1. When did the Sun Dance come out into the open again?

2. Who makes a Wounded Knee patch for Mary's child?

3. Who says, "You got to look at things with the eye in your heart"?

4. What does Leonard do with $4000 he receives in residuals in Chapter Twelve?

5. How long does the siege at Wounded Knee last?

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