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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What term does Mary address Leonard with before their marriage?
(a) Healer.
(b) Uncle.
(c) Grandfather.
(d) Leonard.

2. Who makes a Wounded Knee patch for Mary's child?
(a) Annie Mae.
(b) Mary's mother.
(c) Mary.
(d) Barbara.

3. Who gives Mary's baby an Indian name?
(a) Dennis.
(b) Russell.
(c) Mary.
(d) Leonard.

4. What does "Ho Uway Tinkte" mean?
(a) My voice you shall hear.
(b) He who brought the pipe to the people.
(c) Welcome home.
(d) He who taught the people to live.

5. In Leonard Crow Dog's trial in South Dakota, he predicts he will be found guilty at what time?
(a) Four o'clock.
(b) Nine in the morning.
(c) Two o'clock.
(d) Noon.

6. In what year did the first Crow Dog win a case in the Supreme Court?
(a) 1884.
(b) 1952.
(c) 1912.
(d) 1974.

7. In Chapter Thirteen, the author mentions people involved with Indian Rights who died. Who led the Oglala Sioux Civil Rights Organization (OSCRO) and was shot by tribal police?
(a) Pedro Bissonette.
(b) Byron De Sersa.
(c) Jancita Eagle Deer.
(d) Buddy Lamont.

8. Who is the main doctor in Chapter Ten?
(a) Merle Left Hand Bull.
(b) Frank Clearwater.
(c) Wallace Black Elk.
(d) Leonard Crow Dog.

9. Why says, "They won't let Indians like me live"?
(a) Dennis Banks.
(b) Annie Mae.
(c) Frank Fools Crow.
(d) Leonard Crow Dog.

10. What does Leonard do with $4000 he receives in residuals in Chapter Twelve?
(a) Puts a bathroom in the house.
(b) Buys a truck.
(c) Gives it to his parents.
(d) Holds a giveaway feast.

11. People from what New York tribe join the siege at Wounded Knee for awhile?
(a) Huron.
(b) Iroquois.
(c) Mohawk.
(d) Cherokee.

12. Who serves as defense coordinators for Leonard Crow Dog's appeal?
(a) Sandy Rosen.
(b) Bill Kunstler.
(c) Ken Tilsen.
(d) Richard Erdoes and his wife, Jean.

13. When did the Sun Dance come out into the open again?
(a) 1950s and 60s.
(b) 1920s and 30s.
(c) 1960s and 70s.
(d) In the 1930s and 40s.

14. According to a Sioux proverb in Chapter Twelve, what is a good mother like?
(a) The Sun.
(b) A beautiful tepee.
(c) A bear.
(d) A blanket.

15. What chief does the first Crow Dog kill that leads to a four-generation blood guilt?
(a) Spotted Elk.
(b) Big Foot.
(c) Sitting Bull.
(d) Spotted Tail.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Barbara living in Chapter Sixteen?

2. Who is accused of shooting and killing two federal officers and later convicted of the crime?

3. What is one of the oldest Sioux rituals using rocks?

4. What does the only white man's home with heat and running tap water in Pine Ridge become during the siege?

5. What year does Mary move in with Leonard?

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