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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What training does Mary's mother receive for her job?
(a) Business school training.
(b) Teacher training.
(c) Nurse training.
(d) Government worker training.

2. In the old days, where do the heads of households keep ration cards?
(a) In a place of honor in the home.
(b) The heads of households had no ration cards.
(c) A beaded pouch around the neck.
(d) In their pocket.

3. What work does Grandpa Moore do?
(a) Tribal policeman.
(b) Truck driver.
(c) Grandpa Moore has no job.
(d) Janitor.

4. Who is stabbed by a white man in Chapter Eight?
(a) Barbara Brave Bird.
(b) Russ Fools Bull.
(c) Wesley Bad Heart Bull.
(d) Leonard Crow Dog.

5. Who says, "We are the Old Indians, the landlords of this continent, coming to collect the rent"?
(a) Dennis Banks.
(b) Dick Fool Bull.
(c) Mary Brave Bird.
(d) Leonard Crow Dog.

6. In Chapter Two, what happens to Mary's uncles?
(a) They catch TB and die.
(b) They are jailed.
(c) They die in infancy.
(d) They are killed by soldiers.

7. According to Mary, what family has no shortage of legends?
(a) The Brave Bulls.
(b) The Horn Bears.
(c) The Fool Bulls.
(d) The Crow Dogs.

8. Why does Mary not want to have her child in a white hospital?
(a) Because of fear of white medicine.
(b) Because of the large number of forced sterilizations.
(c) Because she was afraid the baby would be taken from her.
(d) Because Barbara's baby died after two hours.

9. Who runs the boarding school while Mary attends?
(a) The BIA.
(b) The Lakota.
(c) The Sisters of the Sacred Heart.
(d) South Dakota Public Schools.

10. What historic event does Grandpa Fool Bull witness?
(a) Mary's birth.
(b) The first Wounded Knee.
(c) The Trail of Tears.
(d) Little Big Horn.

11. What is pejuta sapa, mentioned in Chapter Five?
(a) Coffee.
(b) Sweet.
(c) Tobacco.
(d) Bread.

12. What is the best description of the type of book Lakota Woman is?
(a) Autobiography.
(b) Suspense.
(c) Historical fiction.
(d) Current events non-fiction.

13. Who is the very corrupt tribal president at Pine Ridge?
(a) Dick Wilson.
(b) Dennis Albert.
(c) Graham Brave Bull.
(d) Albert Ellis.

14. What is the name of the Seattle bar on Skid Row that the author mentions in Chapter Four?
(a) A name isn't given.
(b) Pike Place bar.
(c) Tugboat Cafe.
(d) Puget Sound Cafe.

15. Who tells a judge, "Peyote is my lawyer"?
(a) Leonard Crow Dog.
(b) Grandpa Fool Bull.
(c) Russell Means.
(d) Mary Brave Bird.

Short Answer Questions

1. What year does the first Wounded Knee occur?

2. What tribe does Mary belong to?

3. In Chapter One, what procedure is discussed that was commonly performed on Indian women without their permission?

4. What are winter counts?

5. According to the author, who makes up the AIM song?

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