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1. How was Mary Brave Bird honored after having her baby during the siege of Wounded Knee?

Brave Bird was given a special name, Ohitika Win, which meant Brave Woman. An eagle plume was fastened to her hair.

2. Why does Mary say that it is hard being an Indian woman?

After giving birth, Mary's baby was taken from her and she was put in jail. She also knew two Indian women whose bodies were found frozen in the snow. Additionally, her sister was sterilized against her will.

3. What problems do Plains men face, according to Mary in Chapter One?

Plains men are traditionally warriors, but there is no one to fight and no buffalo to kill. Many of the men have nothing, so they get drunk and beat up wives and girlfriends.

4. Explain the tribal divisions among the Sioux people.

The Sioux are divided into Eastern Sioux, known as Dakota, and Western Sioux, known as Lakota. Within each of these groups are tribes. Within the Lakota, there are seven tribes or the Seven Sacred Campfires. Mary's tribe, the Brule, are one of those seven.

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