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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Thirteen, Two Cut-Off Hands; Chapter Fourteen, Cante Ishta - The Eye of the Heart.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Ptesan Win?
(a) A medicine woman.
(b) White Buffalo Woman.
(c) Grandmother Earth.
(d) Grandfather Spirit.

2. What does the author call the towns of Parmelee, St. Francis, and Mission in Chapter Four?
(a) Drunk towns.
(b) Fun towns.
(c) Rez towns.
(d) Redneck towns.

3. How old was Leonard Crow Dog when his spiritual gifts were first noticed?
(a) Eight years old.
(b) Fourteen years old.
(c) Ten years old.
(d) Five years old.

4. The feds at Wounded Knee wear camouflage outfits or _____.
(a) Light blue Day-Glo jumpsuits.
(b) Jeans and denim shirts.
(c) All black outfits.
(d) Suits.

5. When is Annie Mae last seen by her friends?
(a) January, 1976.
(b) November, 1975.
(c) December, 1975.
(d) October, 1975.

Short Answer Questions

1. What training does Mary's mother receive for her job?

2. According to Chapter Nine, whose braids does Dick Wilson want to personally cut off?

3. What do many Ghost Dance dancers wrap themselves up with in the 19th century?

4. Why says, "They won't let Indians like me live"?

5. What is the "Red Panther"?

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