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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Seven, Crying for a Dream; Chapter Eight, Cankpe Opi Wakpala.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What activity is justified as a way of getting a little of their own back?
(a) Taking drugs.
(b) Shoplifting.
(c) Stealing cars.
(d) Drinking alcohol.

2. In Chapter One, what procedure is discussed that was commonly performed on Indian women without their permission?
(a) Tonsillectomy.
(b) Appendectomy.
(c) Hysterectomy.
(d) Oral surgery.

3. How many times does Mary see her birth father by Chapter Two?
(a) Never.
(b) Twice.
(c) Once.
(d) Three times.

4. In Chapter Two, what happens to Mary's uncles?
(a) They are killed by soldiers.
(b) They catch TB and die.
(c) They are jailed.
(d) They die in infancy.

5. In Chapter Four, where are you likely to see a sign that says, "No Indians and Dogs Allowed"?
(a) South Dakota government buildings.
(b) South Dakota department stores.
(c) South Dakota bus stations.
(d) South Dakota saloons.

Short Answer Questions

1. What year is AIM born?

2. What work does Grandpa Moore do?

3. What historic event does Grandpa Fool Bull witness?

4. What is Cankpe Opi Wakpala?

5. What is an iyeska?

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