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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Three, Civilize Them with a Stick; Chapter Four, Drinking and Fighting.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter Four, where are you likely to see a sign that says, "No Indians and Dogs Allowed"?
(a) South Dakota saloons.
(b) South Dakota department stores.
(c) South Dakota bus stations.
(d) South Dakota government buildings.

2. Who says, "Kill 'em all, big and small, nits make lice"?
(a) Spotted Tail.
(b) General Custer.
(c) Colonel Chivington.
(d) Major McDougall.

3. Two Native American reservations are mentioned in Chapter One. What are they?
(a) Micmac and Pine Ridge.
(b) Pine Ridge and Rosebud.
(c) Rosebud and Navajo.
(d) Navajo and Hopi.

4. Who runs the boarding school while Mary attends?
(a) The BIA.
(b) The Lakota.
(c) South Dakota Public Schools.
(d) The Sisters of the Sacred Heart.

5. Where does Mary go to school as a child?
(a) St. Francis Boarding School.
(b) An out-of-state boarding school.
(c) Reservation day school.
(d) Public school.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Mary receive 25 swats with a paddle when she is thirteen?

2. Where are many of the nuns from at the boarding school in Chapter Three?

3. Who repeats, "You must kill the Indian in order to save the man"?

4. Who does Mary give a bloody nose to in Chapter Three?

5. Who says, "Revenge yourself with mind power"?

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