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Object Descriptions

Peyote - This type of cactus is used in ceremonies.

Sacred Pipe - This object is used in rituals by passing around to participants so they can all take part in the restorative power of the herbs.

Mission School - This is run by nuns who mistreat and embarrass students.

Wounded Knee - This is the site of two important events in Native American history.

Sweat Lodge - Used for purification rituals, this place includes steam that is produced by pouring water over hot rocks.

Sun Dance - This ritual involves suffering from piercings on various parts of the body and may include being suspended from a tree.

Yuwipi Ceremony - This ritual bridges the gap between the human and spirit worlds. After being bound and wrapped, an intercessor is later found unbound and with a message from the spirits.

Vision Quest - A ritual undertaken by...

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