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Lesson 1

Objective: Genre is a type of literary work. The book cover of Lakota Woman identifies it as both autobiography and women's interest. Others might classify the book as Native American. The setting, events, and characters all lend themselves to different genres. The objective of this lesson is to learn about multi-genre or cross-genre.

1) Class discussion: What is genre? What is the genre of Lakota Woman? How do you know? Could it also be another genre? Discuss what multi-genre or cross-genre is.

2) Small Group Discussion: Divide the students into three groups of three or four. Have the students discuss aspects of the first chapter that indicate the genre of this book. What different genres could Lakota Woman be described as? What do you think it is? Why?

3) Class Debate: Choose the top three or four genres as voted on by the class. Divide class into three or four...

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