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Chapter One, A Woman from He-Dog

• Mary gives birth to son during the second Wounded Knee in 1975.

• Her baby is taken from her as she is thrown in jail afterwards.

• Mary tells of incidents where Indian women suffer at the hands of white men.

• Life for Indian men is difficult with no jobs and no money and some beat the women.

• It is not easy being an Indian woman.
• Mary gives background of her life and family history.

• Mary Brave Bird is a Sioux or Lakota from South Dakota.

• She is a member of the Brule tribe of Lakotas.

• Her grandfather, Fool Bull, was at the first Wounded Knee.

• Most of Mary's family has been "whitemanized."
• When Mary's mother went into labor with Mary, her mother had to be taken ninety miles to the tribal hospital in Pine Ridge due to complications.

• After the birth of her next...

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