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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Confronted by Lady Windemere, Lord Darlington claims:
(a) He compliments other women in order to make her jealous.
(b) He visits her because he fears she is in need of a friend.
(c) He pays her compliments because they are all he can afford.
(d) He ignores her because she is cruel to him.

2. Who plans to be married to Mrs. Erlynne?
(a) Lord Augustus.
(b) The Duke of Berwick.
(c) Lord Darlington.
(d) Lord Windemere.

3. Where does Act 1 take place?
(a) In the ball room at Lord Darlington's house.
(b) In the ball room at Lord Windemere's house.
(c) In the morning room of Lord Windemere's house.
(d) In the breakfast room at Lord Darlington's house.

4. What does Mrs. Erlynne discover in the letter Lady Windemere leaves for her husband?
(a) That she is planning to leave him.
(b) That she is ill and has gone up to bed.
(c) That she forgives him for everything.
(d) That she is planning to have an affair.

5. Darlington warns Lady Windemere that it is a dangerous thing to:
(a) Fall in love with anyone.
(b) Reform anyone.
(c) Despise anyone.
(d) Gossip about anyone.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why doesn't Lord Windemere explain his reasons for spending time with Mrs. Erlynne?

2. Lord Darlington claims be pretends to be bad because if you pretend to be good:

3. Mrs. Erlynne fears that:

4. Why does Lord Darlington say he wants Lady Windemere to take him seriously?

5. Augustus is:

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Darlington claim Lady Windemere is not what he thought her to be?

2. Why does Windemere call Mrs. Erlynne a dangerous woman?

3. Why does Lady Windemere plan to accept Lord Darlington's declaration of love?

4. Why does Lord Windemere insist that Mrs. Erlynne receive an invitation to the ball?

5. What is Lady Erlynne's plan for "saving" her daughter at the end of Act 2?

6. What is Dumby's attitude about marriage?

7. Why is Mrs. Erlynne so upset about her daughter's letter?

8. How would Lady Windemere create a scandal for her husband?

9. What does the Windemere's conversation about men and women reveal about Lady Windemere's opinion of men?

10. What truth has Lady Windemere discovered about her husband and Mrs. Erlynne?

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