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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What would make life simpler, in Lady Windemere's opinion?
(a) Complexity.
(b) Different rules of conduct for men and women.
(c) Marriage.
(d) Hard and fast rules of conduct.

2. Lady Agatha is:
(a) Mrs. Erlynne's daughter.
(b) Lord Darlington's daughter.
(c) The Duchess of Berwick's daughter.
(d) Lady Windemere's daughter.

3. The Duchess tells Lady Windemere that her husband will:
(a) Come back to her because he loves her.
(b) Come back to her slightly damaged.
(c) Come back to her happy and fulfilled.
(d) Never return to her.

4. Lady Windemere believes that every "good" woman in London would:
(a) Be horrified by Lord Windemere's behavior.
(b) Condemn her for refusing to invite Mrs. Erlynne to the ball.
(c) Applaud her for refusing to invite Mrs. Erlynne to the ball.
(d) Join with her in refusing to accept Mrs. Erlynne in society.

5. What does Lady Windemere believe about her mother?
(a) That she was not stern enough.
(b) That she would some day return for Lady Windemere.
(c) That she died when Lady Windemere was a child.
(d) That she left Lady Windemere's father for another man.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Lord Darlington learns it is Lady Windemere's birthday, he says:

2. Why does Mrs. Erlynne need Windemere's help with Augustus?

3. What does Lady Windemere claim she will do with the fan her husband has given her as a birthday gift?

4. Lord Darlington uses a hypothetical situation about a married man having an affair in order to:

5. When Mrs. Erlynne reads her daughter's letter, she asks:

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the Duchess claim to feel totally secure at the Windemeres' house?

2. What do all the men assume about Mrs. Erlynne's presence in Darlington's rooms?

3. What does Augustus reveal when he re-enters?

4. Why did Lord Windemere give Mrs. Erlynne money, according to her?

5. What does the Windemere's conversation about men and women reveal about Lady Windemere's opinion of men?

6. Why might Lady Windemere announce that she is available to all visitors when Parker tells her Darlington has come to call?

7. What repayment can Lady Windemere offer Mrs. Erlynne for her sacrifice of the previous evening?

8. What do Mrs. Erlynne's exchanges with the male characters reveal about her character?

9. What is Lady Windemere's response to her husband's suggestion that evil has never entered her world?

10. Why is the Duchess so interested in Lady Agatha's dance card?

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