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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is probably true of Mrs. Erlynne's past?
(a) She deserted her husband for Lord Windemere, and wrote him a letter about it.
(b) She left her husband when he had an affair, and she too wrote a letter.
(c) She wrote a letter to Lord Windemere telling him the whole truth about her past.
(d) She wrote her daughter a letter to tell her the truth about her father.

2. After the Duchess meets Mrs. Erlynne, she:
(a) Denies her acceptance into society.
(b) Runs to Darlington for help.
(c) Approves of her.
(d) Encourages her to marry Augustus.

3. Mrs. Erlynne fears that:
(a) Life is playing a joke on her.
(b) Life is repeating itself.
(c) She will never find Lady Windemere.
(d) She has failed a test in life.

4. Why does Lord Darlington say he wants Lady Windemere to take him seriously?
(a) He wants her to be friends with Lord Windemere.
(b) He wants to be her friend in case her husband leaves her.
(c) He wants to be her friend in case she needs one some day.
(d) He wants to be her friend in case he falls in love with her.

5. The Duchess plans to thwart:
(a) Hopper and Agatha's wedding.
(b) Hopper and Agatha's affair.
(c) Hopper and Agatha's next dance.
(d) Hopper and Agatha's living in Australia.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Darlington planning to do since Lady Windemere will not have him?

2. Lord Darlington claims be pretends to be bad because if you pretend to be good:

3. Where does Act 1 take place?

4. Darlington warns Lady Windemere that it is a dangerous thing to:

5. The Duchess first heard the rumor about Lord Windemere from:

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Mrs. Erlynne say Windemere probably wishes her to do?

2. Why might Lady Windemere announce that she is available to all visitors when Parker tells her Darlington has come to call?

3. What reasons does the Duchess have for fearing or disliking Lady Erlynne?

4. What do all the men assume about Mrs. Erlynne's presence in Darlington's rooms?

5. What is Lady Windemere's response to her husband's suggestion that evil has never entered her world?

6. Why is the Duchess so interested in Lady Agatha's dance card?

7. Why has Lord Augustus asked Lord Windemere about Mrs. Erlynne?

8. Why do the men appear to admire Mrs. Erlynne?

9. Why does Mrs. Windemere want a photograph of Lady Windemere?

10. What has Lady Windmere discovered about good and bad people?

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