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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Lady Windemere doing at the start of the act?
(a) She is waiting for her husband to arrive.
(b) She is waiting to confront Darlington on his affair.
(c) She is waiting to reject Darlington's proposition.
(d) She is waiting for Darlington to arrive so she can accept him.

2. Lady Windemere fears Mrs. Erlynne will:
(a) Leave town with no explanation.
(b) Tell Windemere the truth to save her own happiness.
(c) Tell Windemere a lie to save them both.
(d) Tell Augustus the truth to save herself.

3. Lady Windemere describes the roses in the garden at Selby as:
(a) Shades of pink.
(b) Pink and white.
(c) Black and white.
(d) Red and white.

4. What has Lady Windemere learned about temptation?
(a) That she is as vulnerable to it as everyone else.
(b) That she is above such trivial things.
(c) That she is irreproachable on the subject.
(d) That she can never forgive those who give in to temptation.

5. Why does Windemere want to see Mrs. Erlynne before his wife does?
(a) He wants to prevent Mrs. Erlynne from entering society.
(b) He wants to prevent Mrs. Erlynne from marrying Augustus.
(c) He wants to protect his wife from the "truth" about her mother.
(d) He wants to protect Mrs. Erlynne from his wife's revenge.

6. What admonishment does Mrs. Erlynne give Lord Windemere?
(a) Mortals before gods.
(b) Manners before morals.
(c) Morals before marriage.
(d) Age before beauty.

7. What is Mrs. Erlynne's first advice to Lady Windemere?
(a) Lady Windemere must beg Darlington's forgiveness.
(b) Lady Windemere must publicly apologize to her.
(c) Lady Windemere must take her son along with her.
(d) Lady Windemere must return to her husband.

8. Who continues to tease Augustus?
(a) Lord Darlington.
(b) Cecil Graham.
(c) Dumby.
(d) Lord Windemere.

9. What stops Mrs. Erlynne and Lady Windemere from leaving Lord Darlington's house?
(a) They hear the men returning.
(b) They hear Lord Darlington sobbing.
(c) They hear Windemere and Darlington fighting.
(d) They hear Windemere searching the house.

10. Lady Windemere thinks that Mrs. Erlynne is there because:
(a) Lord Windemere sent her to fetch his wife.
(b) Lord Windemere sent her to send his wife away.
(c) Lord Darlington sent her to bring her home.
(d) Lord Augustus warned told her where to find her daughter.

11. Cecil Graham says he is interested in Augustus and Mrs. Erlynne because:
(a) It bores him to death.
(b) Augustus has been married twice already.
(c) Augustus has had an affair with Lady Windemere.
(d) It is none of his business.

12. What is the second reason Mrs. Erlynne plans to visit Lady Windemere?
(a) To confront Lord Windemere.
(b) To tell her the truth.
(c) To say goodbye.
(d) To beg forgiveness.

13. Why does Dumby consider a woman who understands one a dangerous thing?
(a) Because they will always end up marrying one.
(b) Because one will never be entirely happy.
(c) Because one will never be able to hide anything.
(d) Because one will always have to explain themselves.

14. What gift does Mrs. Erlynne ask of Lady Windemere?
(a) A letter opener.
(b) A necklace.
(c) A photograph.
(d) A ring.

15. Lord Windemere claims that Mrs. Erlynne is:
(a) Disreputable.
(b) Dishonest.
(c) Infamous.
(d) Bad.

Short Answer Questions

1. What time did Windemere arrive home that night?

2. How does Mrs. Erlynne dispose of the letter?

3. What is Mrs. Erlynne's excuse for visiting Lady Windemere?

4. How does Darlington occupy himself while the others are talking?

5. Why does Augustus try to prevent Windemere from leaving Lord Darlington's house?

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