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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Lord Windemere cannot find his wife, Mrs. Erlynne tells him:
(a) She has gone to the hospital.
(b) She has gone to check on their son.
(c) She has gone to bed.
(d) She has left him for good.

2. Lady Windemere asks Parker to be sure he:
(a) Memorizes guests' names.
(b) Pronounces guests' names distinctly.
(c) Greets all guests personally.
(d) Pronounces guests' names as they request.

3. Lady Windemere is shocked when:
(a) Lord Darlington refuses her marriage proposal.
(b) Lord Darlington confesses his affair with Mrs. Erlynne.
(c) Lord Darlington calls her a coward.
(d) Lord Darlington declares his love for her.

4. What does Mrs. Erlynne tell Lord Windemere about the letter he finds?
(a) She tells him it is a check.
(b) She tells him it is a letter he should never read.
(c) She tells him it is only an address.
(d) She tells him it is a refusal to Augustus' marriage proposal.

5. The Duchess flattery might be perceived as:
(a) Cruelty.
(b) Admiration.
(c) Insincerity.
(d) Bitterness.

6. Lady Windemere claims she never:
(a) Lies.
(b) Cries.
(c) Cheats on her husband.
(d) Gives in.

7. Why does Mrs. Erlynne want Windemere to stay out of the house?
(a) So that she can try to borrow money from Lady Windemere.
(b) So he does not discover that his wife is missing.
(c) So he does not discover that she has looked in his bank book.
(d) So that Windemere will come back in a better mood.

8. Mrs. Erlynne wants to be introduced to the women at the party so that:
(a) People will know she is not having an affair with Windemere.
(b) She will be accepted into society.
(c) She will have someone to talk to.
(d) She can find out who her daughter is.

9. The Duchess plans to thwart:
(a) Hopper and Agatha's wedding.
(b) Hopper and Agatha's next dance.
(c) Hopper and Agatha's living in Australia.
(d) Hopper and Agatha's affair.

10. Lady Windemere threatens her husband with:
(a) A rapid divorce.
(b) A long, loveless marriage.
(c) A violent gesture.
(d) A public scandal.

11. What task is Lady Windemere performing as she speaks to Lord Darlington?
(a) She is arranging dishes.
(b) She is arranging flowers.
(c) She is writing invitations.
(d) She is cleaning her house.

12. The Duchess removes Agatha from earshot by:
(a) Sending her home to dress for the party.
(b) Sending her out for tea.
(c) Sending her to Mrs. Erlynne's house.
(d) Sending her out to look at the sunset.

13. Lord Darlington claims he can resist everything but:
(a) Temptation.
(b) Insincerity.
(c) Flirtation.
(d) Scandal.

14. Augustus asks:
(a) Why Mrs. Erlynne has read Lady Windemere's letter.
(b) What is the purpose of Mrs. Erlynne's errand.
(c) Why Mrs. Erlynne is interested in Lady Windemere.
(d) What reward he will receive for helping Mrs. Erlynne.

15. What does Lady Windemere claim she will do with the fan her husband has given her as a birthday gift?
(a) She will strike Mrs. Erlynne across the face with it.
(b) She will sell it on the street.
(c) She will strike Lord Windemere in the face with it.
(d) She will throw it into the fire.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Lord Augustus worried about Mrs. Erlynne?

2. Lord Augustus immediately questions Lord Windemere about:

3. Lady Agatha is:

4. What has occurred between Hopper and Agatha?

5. Mrs. Erlynne claims to need help with introductions to the:

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