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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lady Windemere believes that every "good" woman in London would:
(a) Be horrified by Lord Windemere's behavior.
(b) Join with her in refusing to accept Mrs. Erlynne in society.
(c) Applaud her for refusing to invite Mrs. Erlynne to the ball.
(d) Condemn her for refusing to invite Mrs. Erlynne to the ball.

2. What does Mrs. Erlynne discover in the letter Lady Windemere leaves for her husband?
(a) That she is planning to have an affair.
(b) That she is planning to leave him.
(c) That she is ill and has gone up to bed.
(d) That she forgives him for everything.

3. Why does Mrs. Erlynne want Windemere to stay out of the house?
(a) So that she can try to borrow money from Lady Windemere.
(b) So he does not discover that she has looked in his bank book.
(c) So he does not discover that his wife is missing.
(d) So that Windemere will come back in a better mood.

4. Lady Plymdale wants her husband to meet Mrs. Erlynne so that:
(a) He will pay attention to Mrs. Erlynne instead of her.
(b) He will confirm that she is an unacceptable woman.
(c) He will pay attention to his own wife again.
(d) He will deny her admittance to society.

5. What detail does Lady Windemere point out about the fan that is her birthday present?
(a) It came from London.
(b) It has her name on it.
(c) It has her birth date on it.
(d) It used to be her mother's.

6. If Mrs. Erlynne comes to her home, Lady Windemere claims she will:
(a) Forbid her to enter.
(b) Insult her.
(c) Pretend to admire her.
(d) Treat her kindly.

7. Who enters looking for Lady Windemere?
(a) Lord Darlington.
(b) Lord Windemere.
(c) Lady Plymdale.
(d) Mrs. Erlynne.

8. Before Lady Windemere exits at the end of Act 1, she:
(a) Begs her husband's forgiveness.
(b) Gives in to her husband's request.
(c) Demands an apology from her husband.
(d) Defies her husband's wishes.

9. Lady Windemere claims she cannot run away with Darlington because:
(a) She does not love him.
(b) She still loves her husband.
(c) She does not have the courage.
(d) She is afraid to leave her child.

10. When Lord Windemere cannot find his wife, Mrs. Erlynne tells him:
(a) She has gone to bed.
(b) She has gone to check on their son.
(c) She has left him for good.
(d) She has gone to the hospital.

11. What does Lord Windemere do when Lady Windemere refuses to invite Mrs. Erlynne to the ball?
(a) He invites her himself.
(b) He confesses he is in love with Mrs. Erlynne.
(c) He writes her a note of apology.
(d) He accepts Lady Windemere's decision.

12. After the Duchess meets Mrs. Erlynne, she:
(a) Runs to Darlington for help.
(b) Approves of her.
(c) Denies her acceptance into society.
(d) Encourages her to marry Augustus.

13. Lady Windemere says that her husband broke the bonds of marriage, and she:
(a) Only broke his trust.
(b) Only broke one of her vows.
(c) Only broke its bondage.
(d) Only broke his heart.

14. The Duchess removes Agatha from earshot by:
(a) Sending her out to look at the sunset.
(b) Sending her out for tea.
(c) Sending her home to dress for the party.
(d) Sending her to Mrs. Erlynne's house.

15. By the end of Act 2, most of the female characters:
(a) Reject Mrs. Erlynne.
(b) Pity Lady Windemere.
(c) Reject Lady Windemere.
(d) Admire Mrs. Erlynne.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Mrs. Erlynne find the letter Lady Windemere left behind?

2. Lady Windemere asks Parker to be sure he:

3. One might describe the Duchess' attitude about her husband's infidelity as:

4. The Duchess flattery might be perceived as:

5. What does Lady Windemere believe about women who have committed adultery?

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