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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lord Darlington tries to convince Lady Windemere that:
(a) She should run away with Lord Augustus.
(b) She should never speak to Mrs. Erlynne.
(c) She can no longer live with Lord Windemere.
(d) She can no longer hold her head up in society.

2. Augustus believes Mrs. Erlynne will marry him despite:
(a) Knowing she is Lady Windemere's mother.
(b) Knowing he does not love her.
(c) Knowing he has no money.
(d) Knowing he is a fool.

3. What would make life simpler, in Lady Windemere's opinion?
(a) Marriage.
(b) Hard and fast rules of conduct.
(c) Different rules of conduct for men and women.
(d) Complexity.

4. It is clear that Lady Windemere:
(a) Knows Mrs. Erlynne is her mother.
(b) Does not know what happened after she left Darlington's.
(c) Had left her husband.
(d) Believes Mrs. Erlynne betrayed her.

5. Before Lady Windemere exits at the end of Act 1, she:
(a) Demands an apology from her husband.
(b) Defies her husband's wishes.
(c) Gives in to her husband's request.
(d) Begs her husband's forgiveness.

Short Answer Questions

1. What stops Mrs. Erlynne and Lady Windemere from leaving Lord Darlington's house?

2. The Duchess tells Lady Windemere that her husband will:

3. Lord Darlington calls Lady Windemere a:

4. What does Mrs. Erlynne threaten to do if Windemere reveals her secret?

5. Mrs. Erlynne claims it is not repentance that consoles one, but:

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