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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lady Windemere asks Parker to be sure he:
(a) Memorizes guests' names.
(b) Pronounces guests' names distinctly.
(c) Pronounces guests' names as they request.
(d) Greets all guests personally.

2. Mrs. Erlynne claims that her purpose in coming to Lord Darlington's house is:
(a) To save Lord Windemere from scandal.
(b) To save her daughter from a life with an unloving husband.
(c) To trick Lady Windemere into returning home.
(d) To save her daughter from making a hideous mistake.

3. Lady Windemere thinks that Mrs. Erlynne is there because:
(a) Lord Windemere sent her to send his wife away.
(b) Lord Windemere sent her to fetch his wife.
(c) Lord Darlington sent her to bring her home.
(d) Lord Augustus warned told her where to find her daughter.

4. Mrs. Erlynne dances with Lord Windermere in order to:
(a) Make Lady Windemere jealous.
(b) Make Augustus jealous.
(c) Get revenge on Lord Augustus.
(d) Get revenge on Lady Windemere.

5. Darlington describes the upcoming ball as:
(a) Very small, very early, and very select.
(b) Very big, very glitzy, and very prominent.
(c) Very small, very boring, and very select.
(d) Very scandalous, very silly, and very late.

Short Answer Questions

1. The dance at Lady Windemere's home is in honor of:

2. Dumby asks Augustus about Mrs. Erlynne's:

3. What, according to Mrs. Erlynne, is better than ideals?

4. Lady Windemere believes that every "good" woman in London would:

5. Mr. Hopper is from:

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