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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lord Windemere say about his wife and Mrs. Erlynne?
(a) That his wife must forgive her actions.
(b) That his wife is never to leave him again.
(c) That his wife is never to see her again.
(d) That his wife is to call on her immediately.

2. Who does Cecil Graham admire aloud?
(a) The Duchess.
(b) Lady Windemere.
(c) Mrs. Erlynne.
(d) Lady Agatha.

3. Lady Windemere:
(a) Knows Mrs. Erlynne is her mother.
(b) Has never heard of Mrs. Erlynne.
(c) Has suspected her husband of having an affair.
(d) Does not believe Mrs. Erylnne exists.

4. The duchess believes that scandal in men:
(a) Does not matter.
(b) Denies them access to good wives.
(c) Does not happen.
(d) Prevents them from acceptability.

5. Cecil Graham claims that Augustus cannot talk about anything but:
(a) Lady Windemere.
(b) Mrs. Erlynne.
(c) Lady Plymdale.
(d) Lady Agatha.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who discovers there must be a woman in Lord Darlington's rooms?

2. What does Lord Windemere assume about the presence of his wife's fan in Darlington's rooms?

3. Lord Augustus immediately questions Lord Windemere about:

4. Mrs. Erlynne claims it is not repentance that consoles one, but:

5. What is Mrs. Erlynne's excuse for visiting Lady Windemere?

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