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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Act 3 take place?
(a) In Lord Darlington's rooms.
(b) In Lady Windemere's rooms.
(c) In Lord Windermere's rooms.
(d) In Mrs. Erlynne's rooms.

2. What did Windemere do in the morning?
(a) Left the house for work.
(b) Knocked at Lady Windemere's door.
(c) Gave Mrs. Erlynne Lady Windemere's fan.
(d) Wrote Lady Windemere a letter.

3. Why does Lord Darlington say he wants Lady Windemere to take him seriously?
(a) He wants to be her friend in case he falls in love with her.
(b) He wants her to be friends with Lord Windemere.
(c) He wants to be her friend in case her husband leaves her.
(d) He wants to be her friend in case she needs one some day.

4. Mrs. Erlynne claims that when men give up saying what is charming, they:
(a) Give up on romance.
(b) Give up saying what is true as well.
(c) Give up thinking what is charming.
(d) Give up flattering other women.

5. Dumby says the youth of the present have no respect for:
(a) Education.
(b) Money.
(c) Experience.
(d) Dyed hair.

Short Answer Questions

1. One might describe the Duchess' attitude about her husband's infidelity as:

2. Lady Agatha is:

3. What is ironic about Mrs. Erlynne's public disgrace?

4. The Duchess first heard the rumor about Lord Windemere from:

5. Because she does not insult Mrs. Erlynne, Lady Windemere considers herself a:

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