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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Act 2 the audience learns:
(a) Why Mrs. Erlynne has no female friends.
(b) Why Mrs. Erlynne wishes to leave England.
(c) Why Mrs. Erlynne left her family.
(d) Why Mrs. Erlynne despises her daughter.

2. Mrs. Erlynne dances with Lord Windermere in order to:
(a) Make Lady Windemere jealous.
(b) Get revenge on Lord Augustus.
(c) Make Augustus jealous.
(d) Get revenge on Lady Windemere.

3. Before Lady Windemere exits at the end of Act 1, she:
(a) Gives in to her husband's request.
(b) Defies her husband's wishes.
(c) Demands an apology from her husband.
(d) Begs her husband's forgiveness.

4. What is Darlington planning to do since Lady Windemere will not have him?
(a) He will leave America.
(b) He will leave England.
(c) He will leave London.
(d) He will leave France.

5. Why doesn't Lord Windemere want to talk to Mrs. Erlynne about money at the ball?
(a) He wants to go find his wife.
(b) He wants to discourage Augustus from the match.
(c) He wants to discourage Mrs. Erlynne from the match.
(d) He wants to save his money for his child.

Short Answer Questions

1. Lord Windemere fears he cannot share Lady Erlynne's real identity with his wife because:

2. What is probably true of Mrs. Erlynne's past?

3. Lord Augustus immediately questions Lord Windemere about:

4. What is Lord Darlington's objection to "good" people?

5. Why does Lady Windemere claim to be upset with Lord Darlington?

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