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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lord Windemere do when Lady Windemere refuses to invite Mrs. Erlynne to the ball?
(a) He invites her himself.
(b) He confesses he is in love with Mrs. Erlynne.
(c) He writes her a note of apology.
(d) He accepts Lady Windemere's decision.

2. If Mrs. Erlynne comes to her home, Lady Windemere claims she will:
(a) Treat her kindly.
(b) Pretend to admire her.
(c) Forbid her to enter.
(d) Insult her.

3. Mrs. Erlynne claims to need help with introductions to the:
(a) Female guests only.
(b) Married guests.
(c) Wives of men she knows.
(d) Male guests only.

4. Before she leaves, Lady Windemere:
(a) Breaks her fan in half.
(b) Writes Mrs. Erlynne a letter.
(c) Writes her husband a letter.
(d) Has a glass of wine.

5. Lady Windemere does not approve of Darlington's flattery because she believes he is:
(a) Irritating.
(b) In love with another woman.
(c) Insincere.
(d) Ironic.

Short Answer Questions

1. Augustus is:

2. Mrs. Erlynne wants to be introduced to the women at the party so that:

3. What is Lord Darlington's objection to "good" people?

4. In Act 2 the audience learns:

5. Confronted by Lady Windemere, Lord Darlington claims:

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