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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lord Darlington uses a hypothetical situation about a married man having an affair in order to:
(a) Tell Lady Windemere that he knows she is having an affair.
(b) Tell Lady Windemere her husband is unfaithful.
(c) Tell Lady Windemere he himself is being unfaithful to his wife.
(d) Tell Lady Windemere that she is too much of a Puritan.

2. Lord Darlington claims be pretends to be bad because if you pretend to be good:
(a) The world will expect you to be good every day.
(b) The world will not take you seriously.
(c) The world rejects you.
(d) The world takes you very seriously.

3. If Mrs. Erlynne comes to her home, Lady Windemere claims she will:
(a) Treat her kindly.
(b) Forbid her to enter.
(c) Pretend to admire her.
(d) Insult her.

4. Lady Windemere does not approve of Darlington's flattery because she believes he is:
(a) Irritating.
(b) Insincere.
(c) Ironic.
(d) In love with another woman.

5. What would make life simpler, in Lady Windemere's opinion?
(a) Hard and fast rules of conduct.
(b) Different rules of conduct for men and women.
(c) Marriage.
(d) Complexity.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lady Windemere claim she will do with the fan her husband has given her as a birthday gift?

2. Lord Darlington claims he can resist everything but:

3. Lady Windemere believes she lives in a "bad" age because:

4. Lady Windemere threatens her husband with:

5. Lord Darlington calls Lady Windemere a:

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