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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lord Windemere fears he cannot share Lady Erlynne's real identity with his wife because:
(a) The shame would kill him.
(b) The fear would overtake him.
(c) The jealousy would kill her.
(d) The shame would kill her.

2. Lady Windemere believes that every "good" woman in London would:
(a) Condemn her for refusing to invite Mrs. Erlynne to the ball.
(b) Join with her in refusing to accept Mrs. Erlynne in society.
(c) Be horrified by Lord Windemere's behavior.
(d) Applaud her for refusing to invite Mrs. Erlynne to the ball.

3. Lord Darlington believes people are either:
(a) Charming or tedious.
(b) Honest or dishonest.
(c) Good or bad.
(d) Striking or common.

4. Confronted by Lady Windemere, Lord Darlington claims:
(a) He ignores her because she is cruel to him.
(b) He visits her because he fears she is in need of a friend.
(c) He compliments other women in order to make her jealous.
(d) He pays her compliments because they are all he can afford.

5. Why does Lady Windemere claim to be upset with Lord Darlington?
(a) He annoys her by paying attention to other women.
(b) He annoys her by ignoring her in public.
(c) He annoys her by buying her expensive gifts.
(d) He annoys her by paying her elaborate compliments.

Short Answer Questions

1. Lady Windemere does not approve of Darlington's flattery because she believes he is:

2. When Lord Darlington learns it is Lady Windemere's birthday, he says:

3. Darlington warns Lady Windemere that it is a dangerous thing to:

4. The Duchess flattery might be perceived as:

5. Lord Darlington fears these kind of people do a great deal of harm in the world:

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