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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lady Agatha is:
(a) Lord Darlington's daughter.
(b) Mrs. Erlynne's daughter.
(c) The Duchess of Berwick's daughter.
(d) Lady Windemere's daughter.

2. Lady Windemere asks Parker to be sure he:
(a) Pronounces guests' names as they request.
(b) Memorizes guests' names.
(c) Pronounces guests' names distinctly.
(d) Greets all guests personally.

3. Who is Lady Windemere's first caller?
(a) Lord Parker.
(b) Lord Darlington.
(c) Lord Windemere.
(d) Lady Erlynne.

4. When Lord Darlington learns it is Lady Windemere's birthday, he says:
(a) He would have given her a better gift than her husband did.
(b) He would have covered the whole street with flowers for her.
(c) He would have bought her anything she wanted.
(d) He would have covered the whole street in gold for her.

5. The Duchess tells Lady Windemere that her husband will:
(a) Never return to her.
(b) Come back to her slightly damaged.
(c) Come back to her because he loves her.
(d) Come back to her happy and fulfilled.

Short Answer Questions

1. Lord Windemere fears he cannot share Lady Erlynne's real identity with his wife because:

2. Why doesn't Lord Windemere explain his reasons for spending time with Mrs. Erlynne?

3. Why does Lord Darlington say he wants Lady Windemere to take him seriously?

4. What detail does Lady Windemere point out about the fan that is her birthday present?

5. If Mrs. Erlynne comes to her home, Lady Windemere claims she will:

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