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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Lord Windemere believe Mrs. Erlynne has returned to find her daughter?
(a) She learned her daughter had a son.
(b) She learned her daughter had run away with another man.
(c) She learned her daughter knew she was alive.
(d) She learned her daughter had married a rich man.

2. Cecil Graham claims that Augustus cannot talk about anything but:
(a) Lady Windemere.
(b) Mrs. Erlynne.
(c) Lady Agatha.
(d) Lady Plymdale.

3. Lady Windemere threatens her husband with:
(a) A public scandal.
(b) A violent gesture.
(c) A long, loveless marriage.
(d) A rapid divorce.

4. According to Lady Windemere, actions are the first tragedy in life, and:
(a) Betrayal is the second.
(b) Love is the second.
(c) Deeds are the second.
(d) Words are the second.

5. Lady Windemere claims she will not return to her husband because:
(a) She does not love him.
(b) She is too ashamed of her own behavior.
(c) She loves Darlington.
(d) She is too proud to accept his apologies.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has Lady Windemere learned about temptation?

2. What is Augustus' reaction to Mrs. Erlynne's presence in Lord Darlington's rooms?

3. What does Mrs. Erlynne threaten to do if Windemere reveals her secret?

4. Lady Agatha is:

5. What did Windemere do in the morning?

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