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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Darlington occupy himself while the others are talking?
(a) He smokes cigars.
(b) He looks for Lady Windemere.
(c) He writes a few letters.
(d) He tries to occupy Lord Windemere.

2. What is probably true of Mrs. Erlynne's past?
(a) She left her husband when he had an affair, and she too wrote a letter.
(b) She wrote her daughter a letter to tell her the truth about her father.
(c) She wrote a letter to Lord Windemere telling him the whole truth about her past.
(d) She deserted her husband for Lord Windemere, and wrote him a letter about it.

3. What favor does Mrs. Erlynne ask of Augustus?
(a) She asks him to keep Lady Windmere out all night.
(b) She asks him to avoid Windemere.
(c) She asks him to deliver Lady Windermer's letter to her husband.
(d) She asks him to keep Windemere out all night.

4. Who plans to be married to Mrs. Erlynne?
(a) The Duke of Berwick.
(b) Lord Augustus.
(c) Lord Darlington.
(d) Lord Windemere.

5. Dumby says the youth of the present have no respect for:
(a) Dyed hair.
(b) Experience.
(c) Education.
(d) Money.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Darlington planning to do since Lady Windemere will not have him?

2. No matter what Lady Windemere suffers, Lady Erlynne claims:

3. Lord Augustus is to call on Mrs. Erlynne in order to:

4. What is Augustus' reaction to Mrs. Erlynne's presence in Lord Darlington's rooms?

5. The Duchess plans to thwart:

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