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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Lady Windemere hears the men's voices, she cries:
(a) They will find me!
(b) Don't go without me!
(c) I will face them!
(d) Save me!

2. Why does Lord Darlington say he wants Lady Windemere to take him seriously?
(a) He wants to be her friend in case he falls in love with her.
(b) He wants her to be friends with Lord Windemere.
(c) He wants to be her friend in case her husband leaves her.
(d) He wants to be her friend in case she needs one some day.

3. Augustus describes Mrs. Erlynne as:
(a) Crafty.
(b) Cold.
(c) Clever.
(d) Cagey.

4. Who overhears the discussion between Windemere and Mrs. Erlynne?
(a) The Duchess.
(b) Lady Windemere.
(c) Lord Darlington.
(d) Augustus.

5. Lady Agatha is:
(a) Lady Windemere's daughter.
(b) The Duchess of Berwick's daughter.
(c) Lord Darlington's daughter.
(d) Mrs. Erlynne's daughter.

Short Answer Questions

1. Mr. Hopper is from:

2. What would make life simpler, in Lady Windemere's opinion?

3. Why does Augustus try to prevent Windemere from leaving Lord Darlington's house?

4. The Duchess flattery might be perceived as:

5. How does Darlington occupy himself while the others are talking?

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