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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Act 2 the audience learns:
(a) Why Mrs. Erlynne despises her daughter.
(b) Why Mrs. Erlynne left her family.
(c) Why Mrs. Erlynne has no female friends.
(d) Why Mrs. Erlynne wishes to leave England.

2. How does Lady Erlynne know where to find Lady Windemere?
(a) She has read Lady Windemere's letter to her husband.
(b) She has asked Lord Windemere where to find his wife.
(c) She has bribed Parker for the information.
(d) She ask read Lady Windemere's letter to Lord Darlington.

3. Why does Augustus try to prevent Windemere from leaving Lord Darlington's house?
(a) Augustus wants Darlington to have time to escape with Lady Windemere.
(b) Windemere is still too angry at his wife to behave himself.
(c) Augustus wants Windemere to find his wife's fan.
(d) Mrs. Erlynne has asked Augustus to detain Windemere as long as possible.

4. Lord Darlington tries to convince Lady Windemere that:
(a) She can no longer hold her head up in society.
(b) She can no longer live with Lord Windemere.
(c) She should run away with Lord Augustus.
(d) She should never speak to Mrs. Erlynne.

5. Lady Agatha is:
(a) The Duchess of Berwick's daughter.
(b) Mrs. Erlynne's daughter.
(c) Lord Darlington's daughter.
(d) Lady Windemere's daughter.

Short Answer Questions

1. Lady Windemere claims she will not return to her husband because:

2. Lord Darlington claims he can resist everything but:

3. Who is Lady Windemere's first caller?

4. What is Lord Darlington's objection to "good" people?

5. Augustus is:

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