Lady Windermere's Fan Fun Activities

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Tea Party

In pairs, students will perform skits grouping any two characters in the play who are unlikely to interact. Students will use the text to inform their decisions.

Fan Mail

Students will write letters to any character in the play, advising them to take action (or refrain from it) in a way that would resolve their conflicts. Students will fully explain the reasons for their advice in the letters.

Time-Travelling Fans

In small groups, students should choose a different setting for the play. Groups should prepare a rationale for their choices, presenting this to the class after their own discussions.

Parenting 101

Four students will form a panel representing the mother-and-and daughter pairs of Lady Windemere and Mrs. Erlynne, and the Duchess of Berwick and Lady Agatha. The remaining class members will ask questions of the panelists regarding their parenting attitudes, and using events from the text as...

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