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Act 1

• Lady Margaret Windermere is arranging roses in preparation for a "small but select" ball she and her husband are hosting that evening in honor of her birthday.

• Lord Darlington has come to call, and begins to flirt with Lady Windermere, who very kindly but firmly tries to discourage his attentions.

• He finally makes a thinly disguised accusation that her husband is having an affair with another woman, but she doesn't pick up on that either.

• The Duchess of Berwick and her daughter, Lady Agatha Carlisle, are announced and ushered into the morning room.

• The Duchess tells Lady Windermere that her husband has been seen often with a Mrs. Erlynne, and that Lord Windermere is suspected of having paid Mrs. Erlynne enormous sums of money.

• Lady Windermere struggles between wanting to trust her husband, and wanting to examine his bankbook to discover whether he has really been having...

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