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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Gurov decide to do at the end of Chapter 2?

2. What does the narrator compare Anna to in the scene following making love to Gurov?

3. Where does Gurov work?

4. How do the middle-aged women dress who come off the steamer in Chapter 2?

5. What has become the topic of general conversation among the vacationers?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Anna different than the other women Gurov has made love to?

2. What does Anna speak of regarding "the devil" in Chapter 2?

3. Where does Anna live? What does her husband do for a living?

4. Discuss how Gurov feels about women in The Lady with the Pet Dog.

5. Describe the simile used in Chapter 4 used to reflect Anna and Gurov.

6. Describe how Gurov's wife views herself. What does she like to refer to herself as?

7. How does Anna regard having slept with Gurov in her room in Chapter 2?

8. Describe the hotel room Gurov stays in in Chapter 3.

9. What does Anna tell her husband when she goes to Moscow in Chapter 4? What does the text say his response is?

10. Where does Gurov tell his wife he is going in Chapter 3? Where does he go instead?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss "Adultery" as it is presented in the text. What are the characters' feelings regarding adultery? How does this thematically interact with the other themes of the story.

Essay Topic 2

What imagery is depicted in The Lady with the Pet Dog? Define the terms "imagery, "simile," and "metaphor." Give examples of each in your response.

Essay Topic 3

Are the conflicts in The Lady with the Pet Dog primarily external conflicts or internal conflicts? Define both of these terms and give examples of them from the text.

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