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Chapter 1

• Dmitri Dmitritch Gurov has been on vacation at Yalta, the seaside vacation town, for a fortnight when he hears of a new arrival.

• He is sitting at the terrace of Vernet's restaurant when he sees a fair young woman walking a white pomeranian.

• Later, he encounters her several more times in the day, always alone.

• No one knows the woman and she becomes known as the "lady with the lapdog."

• Dmitri rationalizes that if she is alone, traveling without a husband, it wouldn't be a bad idea to befriend her.

• Dmitri is just under forty with a 12-year-old daughter and two schoolboy sons.

• He was married off by his family while he was in his second year of university.

• His wife seems twice his age to him, is tall, dignified and a "thinking person."

• Dmitri considers his wife unintelligent and narrow-minded, but is afraid of her and...

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