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Wragby Hall - This is the home of Sir Clifford and Lady Constance Chatterley, and it is the family seat. It remains a timeless symbol of aristocracy throughout the novel and becomes an oppressive prison for Constance Chatterley.

The Pheasant Hut - This is where Connie first finds her place of solitude in the woods. She begins to go there every day to visit the baby chicks. It is where she and Mellors have their secret meetings.

The Pheasants - These represent new life. They upset Connie because they emphasize the barrenness of her life with Clifford.

The Cottage - This is Mellors' home and his sanctuary in the woods. It is sparse and simple, but it appeals to Connie for those reasons.

Mellors and Bertha's Wedding Photo - When Connie sees this in Mellor's house, she has Mellors take it down and burn it.

Connie's Perfume...

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