Lady Chatterley's Lover Character Descriptions

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Lady Constance Chatterley

This character has the look of a country girl, but she comes from a cultivated family and has received an aesthetic and somewhat unconventional education.

Sir Clifford Chatterley

This character is the baron of Wragby Hall. He is a victim of the war and paralyzed from the waist down.


This character is the gamekeeper at Wragby Hall and was formerly a blacksmith at Tevershall colliery until he left his wife, signed up for the army, and went off to the Colonies.

Mrs. Bolton

This character is a thirty-seven-year-old widow. Her husband was a miner at Tevershall pit until he was killed in an explosion.


This character is an Irish playwright who has tried to gain popularity with the London aristocracy, but they have rejected him because of the way he has portrayed them in his plays.

Bertha Cloutts

When this character's husband tries...

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