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Chapter 1

• Constance was raised traveling all over Europe. She has an extensive education, and enjoys intellectual stimulation.

• Before marrying Clifford Chatterley three years ago while he was on leave for a month, she was a free and passionate woman taking lovers at her will and debating with young men.
• Clifford came home from World War I paralyzed from the waist down. He was determined to make a success of his industrial mine at his new estate, Wragby Hall.

• Aside from his lack of mobility, Clifford knows that his injury has left him sterile and unable to produce an heir with Constance.

Chapter 2

• Connie and Clifford move to the new estate and Emma, Clifford's sister, moves to London because she is disgusted by their relationship.

• The villagers at Tavershall make no notice of Connie and Clifford, and this enrages them. They avoid the village and the people there at...

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