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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What place does Sir Michael swear he will never go to again?
(a) Wildernsea.
(b) Essex.
(c) Audley Court.
(d) London.

2. Who is Mrs. Balkham?
(a) A woman from Australia who knew George.
(b) A woman from London who was good friends with Lady Audley.
(c) A woman from the Isle of Wight who knows Captain Maldon.
(d) A woman from Wildernsea who remembers Helen Talboys.

3. What is the nature of the falling out Halcourt Talboys and George Talboys have had?
(a) George was disowned for marrying Helen.
(b) George stole from Halcourt.
(c) George disgraced the family by having a child out of wedlock.
(d) George disgraced the family with alcohol use.

4. Who is Halcourt Talboys?
(a) George's father.
(b) George's cousin.
(c) George's grandfather.
(d) George's brother.

5. What did Robert think Lady Audley would do when he confronted her with proof of her secret?
(a) She would leave quietly.
(b) She would confess to Lord Audley.
(c) She would tell him where George is.
(d) She would give herself up to the police.

6. What prompts Lady Audley to confess all to Lord Audley?
(a) Robert's survival of the fire.
(b) Luke's death.
(c) Phoebe's insistence that Lady Audley paid her to start the fire.
(d) Luke's accusation that she killed George.

7. What proof does Luke have to support his story of George's fall into the well?
(a) Two letters written by George to Lady Audley and Robert.
(b) George's buried body.
(c) George's new address.
(d) George's wallet.

8. Why does Robert call a doctor to examine Lady Audley?
(a) Because he is afraid she might hurt herself.
(b) Because she has begun to run a fever.
(c) Because of her odd behavior.
(d) Because of her family history of madness.

9. Who requests to speak with Robert upon his return to Essex?
(a) Lady Audley.
(b) Luke Marks.
(c) Phoebe Marks.
(d) Alicia Audley.

10. Why does Phoebe come to visit Lady Audley?
(a) To train Lady Audley's new maid.
(b) To complain about her husband.
(c) To inform her that Robert is at Mount Stanton.
(d) To ask for money.

11. What does Lady Audley claim she attempted to do when George first confronted her with the truth?
(a) Promised to return to him.
(b) Asked him to help fake her death.
(c) Make him a partner.
(d) Bribe him.

12. Why does Robert not go to the police with Lady Audley's secret?
(a) To protect a woman he has come to love.
(b) To protect the family name.
(c) To protect George's son.
(d) To protect George's family name.

13. How does Lord Audley react to Lady Audley's tears?
(a) With care and concern.
(b) With criticism.
(c) With disinterest.
(d) With disbelief.

14. What does Robert tell the doctor that changes his mind about Lady Audley's physical and mental condition?
(a) That she killed her first husband.
(b) That she attempted to poison her current husband.
(c) That she has threatened to kill herself.
(d) That she has a history of violent behavior.

15. Where did Lime Walk get its name?
(a) The lime trees the path leads to.
(b) The lime trees that line the path.
(c) The lime color of the stone path.
(d) The lime that grows on the stones.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who claims to have a witness who can prove Lady Audley and Helen Talboys are one and the same?

2. Where is the institute the doctor recommends for Lady Audley?

3. Where is the school located where Lucy Graham worked before coming to Essex?

4. Who does Robert meet upon returning to Essex?

5. Who suspects Lady Audley of setting the fire at Mount Stanning?

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