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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Helen Talboys?
(a) George's wife.
(b) George's sister.
(c) George's daughter.
(d) George's cousin.

2. Why does Robert come to the conclusion that he has to take Georgie from the custody of his grandfather?
(a) Robert suspects Lady Audley plans to kidnap Georgie from his grandfather.
(b) Robert suspects Captain Maldon is not Georgie's real grandfather.
(c) Robert suspects Captain Maldon means the child harm.
(d) Robert suspects Captain Maldon heled kill George.

3. With whom is Robert's friend hoping to reconnect?
(a) His father.
(b) His son.
(c) His sister.
(d) His wife.

4. Why does Robert begin to doubt that George has left England?
(a) He is not listed on rental records for local carriages.
(b) He is not listed as a passenger on the train records.
(c) He has not taken his luggage.
(d) He is not listed as a passenger on any ships.

5. Who is the only person who is known to have been at Fig Tree Court in Robert's absence?
(a) Lady Audley.
(b) A plumber.
(c) Helen Talboys.
(d) A blacksmith.

6. How does Robert know he will find letters from Helen to George in George's luggage?
(a) Clara told him about them.
(b) Everyone keeps love letters.
(c) He saw them.
(d) Captain Maldon told him about them.

7. What draws men to Lady Audley?
(a) Her charm.
(b) Her beauty.
(c) Her vivacious personality.
(d) All the above.

8. What recreation do George and Robert decide to participate in in Chapter 9 of Volume 1?
(a) Rugby.
(b) Fishing.
(c) Golfing.
(d) Cricket.

9. Why is dinner canceled in Chapter 7 of Volume 1 as Robert and George are preparing to leave for Audley Court?
(a) Lady Audley has been called to the sickbed of a friend.
(b) Lord Audley is ill.
(c) Lady Audley has taken ill again.
(d) The cook has taken ill.

10. Where does Robert decide to begin his search for George?
(a) Essex.
(b) London.
(c) Australia.
(d) Russia.

11. Why do Robert and George not return to London as planned in Chapter 8 of Volume 1?
(a) George wants to see Audley Court.
(b) George's carriage has a broken wheel.
(c) Robert needs to attend to business with his uncle.
(d) Robert has a headache.

12. Why can Alicia not show Robert and George Lady Audley's rooms in Chapter 8 of Volume 1 when they come to visit?
(a) Lord Audley is having the rooms fumigated.
(b) Lady Audley locks the rooms and keeps the key.
(c) Lady Audley has refused Alicia entry into her rooms.
(d) Lord Audley is having the rooms redecorated.

13. What mark from an injury does Robert notice on Lady Audley?
(a) A cut on her arm.
(b) A gash on her cheek.
(c) A bruise on her cheek.
(d) A bruise on her wrist.

14. Who does George hope to visit with when he leaves Robert sleeping by the river in Chapter 9 of Volume 1?
(a) Alicia Audley.
(b) Lady Audley.
(c) Luke Marks.
(d) Lord Audley.

15. What child is Robert made guardian of in Chapter 6 of Volume 1?
(a) The housekeeper's daughter.
(b) Luke Marks.
(c) The cook's son.
(d) Georgie Talboys.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Alicia Audley dislike her stepmother?

2. What item did this visitor give to Georgie on her visit, as discussed in Chapter 2 of Volume 2?

3. Who does Robert interview about George's whereabouts?

4. To what village do Robert and his friend travel?

5. Why does Lady Audley ask her husband to have Robert removed from Audley Court?

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