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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Lady Audley go out in a snowstorm to visit Robert?
(a) To bring a message from Alicia.
(b) To get information about his investigation into George's disappearance.
(c) To care for an illness that overcame Robert in the night.
(d) To apologize for Lord Audley's rude behavior.

2. How is Robert Audley related to Lord Audley who was introduced in Chapter 1 of Volume 1?
(a) Nephew.
(b) Son.
(c) Cousin.
(d) Brother.

3. Why did George's father disown him?
(a) For compromising an innocent girl.
(b) For having a child out of wedlock.
(c) For marrying below his class.
(d) For embarassing the familiy with a drinking problem.

4. Who is the only person who is known to have been at Fig Tree Court in Robert's absence?
(a) Helen Talboys.
(b) Lady Audley.
(c) A blacksmith.
(d) A plumber.

5. What visitor does Georgie's sitter attempt to keep Georgie from telling Robert about?
(a) A poor nanny.
(b) A pretty lady.
(c) A gentleman.
(d) An innkeeper.

6. Where does Robert finally meet Lady Audley?
(a) Driving in his uncle's carriage.
(b) At the river.
(c) At Audley Court.
(d) Driving in his uncle's new automobile.

7. Why does Robert choose the inn where he stays after leaving Audley Court?
(a) He hopes Luke Mark might have information on Lady Audley.
(b) It is the only inn in Audley village.
(c) It is the only inn with room during the holiday season.
(d) He hopes the owners will comp his stay.

8. What mark from an injury does Robert notice on Lady Audley?
(a) A bruise on her wrist.
(b) A gash on her cheek.
(c) A cut on her arm.
(d) A bruise on her cheek.

9. Where does Robert plan to place Georgie when he removes him from his grandfather's custody?
(a) In his own home.
(b) The home of George Talboys' father.
(c) A monastery.
(d) Boarding school.

10. Why does Phoebe let her fiance into Lady Audley's rooms?
(a) To steal her money.
(b) To admire her new portrait.
(c) To steal her clothing.
(d) To admire her belongings.

11. With whom does Lady Audley appear to have a close friendship?
(a) Her neighbor, Mrs. Dawson.
(b) Her stepnephew, Robert.
(c) Her maid, Phoebe.
(d) Her stepdaughter, Alicia.

12. What is the name of the ship George returns to England on?
(a) Queen Mary.
(b) Argus.
(c) Titanic.
(d) Cornwallis.

13. What makes Robert suspect George ran into some serious misfortune?
(a) George would not leave the country without his wife and child.
(b) It is not like George to disappear without leaving word.
(c) George would not leave the country without his luggage.
(d) George would not leave the country without his medication.

14. Where is Robert told George has gone?
(a) Beijing.
(b) Rome.
(c) Australia.
(d) Paris.

15. What draws men to Lady Audley?
(a) Her vivacious personality.
(b) Her charm.
(c) Her beauty.
(d) All the above.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Lady Audley avoid being introduced to George Talboys in Chapter 7 of Volume 1?

2. Where does Robert go after being asked to leave Audley Court?

3. What does Robert find in regards to these letters in George's trunk?

4. Who does Phoebe marry in Chapter 15 of Volume 1?

5. Who is Phoebe?

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