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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Volume I: Chapters XVIII - XIX.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Robert suggest he plans to search in hopes of finding any information about George?
(a) Letters and papers in George's luggage.
(b) George's house in Wildernsea.
(c) George's bank accounts.
(d) A diary left with George's family.

2. Whose obituary do Robert and his friend read in Chapter 4 of Volume 1?
(a) Mary Braddon's.
(b) Michael Audley's.
(c) Helen Talboys'.
(d) Captain Maldon's.

3. Why do Robert and George not return to London as planned in Chapter 8 of Volume 1?
(a) George wants to see Audley Court.
(b) Robert has a headache.
(c) George's carriage has a broken wheel.
(d) Robert needs to attend to business with his uncle.

4. Why does Lady Audley ask her husband to have Robert removed from Audley Court?
(a) She claims to have seen Robert steal.
(b) She claims to have reason to believe Robert is leading Alicia on.
(c) She claims to be uncomfortable with Robert's attentions.
(d) She claims Robert is insane.

5. Where does Robert finally meet Lady Audley?
(a) Driving in his uncle's new automobile.
(b) At Audley Court.
(c) At the river.
(d) Driving in his uncle's carriage.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Robert's own journey take him at the end of Chapter 6 of Volume 1?

2. Why does Alicia believe Robert is spending a great deal of time with Lady Audley?

3. Who does Robert think might have had reason to enter his apartment?

4. What impression does Robert get while talking to Luke and Phoebe Marks?

5. What child is Robert made guardian of in Chapter 6 of Volume 1?

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