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Clock - Located outside Audley Court, it is missing a hand.

Audley Court - The name of a family estate featured prominently in the novel.

Baby Slipper - Evidence against Lady Audley taken by Phoebe.

Lock of Baby Hair - Evidence taken by Phoebe against Lady Audley to be used in a blackmail scheme.

Black Ribbon - This item is often tied around Lady Audley's neck and is attached to a folded piece of paper.

Helen Talboy's obituary - Newspaper item that informs a man of the whereabouts of his wife.

Lock of Helen's Hair - This is found by George Talboys. George believes it should be wavy rather than straight.

Ventnor - The town where Helen is said to be buried.

Lady Audley's Portrait - This is a partially finished item that convinces George of Lady Audley's true identity.

Sun Inn - A place in Essex...

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