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Lesson 1 (from Volume I, Chapters I - III)


Volume I, Chapters I - III

Two major characters are introduced in these early chapters. Discuss the characters and the traits that define them.


1) Class Discussion: Lucy Graham is introduced in the first chapter of the novel. Lucy is a young governess working for a family in Essex. Lucy catches the eye of Lord Michael Audley, the Dawson family's neighbor. Discuss Lord Audley's reaction to this young woman. Discuss Lucy's personality. Have students list some of the characteristics that make Lucy appealing to the men around her. Discuss possible consequences to a relationship between Lucy and Lord Audley.

George Talboys is also introduced in these early chapters. Discuss George. Who is he? Where is he? What is his current occupation? Ask students to hypothesize why the writer would introduce these two characters so close together. Discuss what type of relationship might bring these two characters...

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