Lady Audley's Secret Fun Activities

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Diorama--Lady Audley's Chambers

Create a diorama that portrays Lady Audley's chambers, a frequent setting of the novel.

Map of Audley Court

Create a map that features the property belonging to Audley Court. Mark important settings in the novel, including the house itself and the Lime Walk.


Create a collage that centers on a single theme of the novel. Use pictures and words that describe that theme in a way that an observer might be able to understand from the design of the collage.

Diorama--Audley Court

Create a diorama of Audley Court, including the house and the grounds, or of a single room withing Audley Court that you feel is of importance to the novel.


Create a poem that might have been written by George Talboys to his wife, Helen Talboys.


Write an obituary for George Talboys, as though he had died in the well and...

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