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Volume I, Chapters I - III

• Lucy Graham, governess for the Dawson family, falls in love with the neighbor, Sir Michael Audley.

• Sir Audley's daughter, Alicia, resents her new, young stepmother.

• George Talboys marries the love of his life and is disinherited by his father because of her low social status.

• George Talboys decides to try to make his fortune in Australia, but he does not inform his wife of his decision.
• Phoebe, Lady Audley's maid, takes her cousin and fiance into Lady Audley's to show him her fine belongings.

• Phoebe and Luke search Lady Audley's jewelry box in hopes of finding something to sell to finance their new life.

• Phoebe and Luke find a baby slipper and lock of hair they can use to blackmail Lady Audley.

Volume I, Chapters IV - VI

• Robert Audley, nephew of Sir Michael, runs into his old friend, George Talboys as...

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