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Adam Ross
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does David Applelow do with the little money he has left during his unemployment?

2. After Zach spends the night in David Applelow's apartment, what does he do the next day?

3. In "The Rest of It," who does Roddy think would like his house?

4. What does Roddy ask for at the end of "The Rest of It"?

5. Why can't Will get inside the dorm where the girl committed suicide in "The Suicide Room"?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Roddy call his ex-wife in "The Rest of It"?

2. What does Roddy do when his co-worker is in Ireland in "The Rest of It"?

3. In "Futures," what happens when Marnie and Zach argue in the hallway?

4. In "The Suicide Room," what rumors are there about the dorm room of the girl who killed herself?

5. In "The Rest of It," how does Roddy know Mike?

6. In "The Rest of It," what does Roddy do instead of go home after work?

7. In "Futures," why does David Applelow respond to the ad in the newspaper?

8. Which two stories told by the characters of "The Suicide Room" seem least probable, and why?

9. What does David learn about the job he is interviewing for in "Futures"?

10. How do Griffin and his friends react to being inside the dorm room of the girl who killed herself in "The Suicide Room"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In what ways is this collection realistic fiction? Define the genre and assess the collection to see if it fits. What other genres might be applicable to this collection? Why?

Essay Topic 2

How does the author use mirroring in these stories? Choose at least three stories and analyze how mirroring among the characters and setting is used. What makes this device effective or ineffective?

Essay Topic 3

Analyze family as a reoccurring topic and theme in this collection. What role does family play in the individual stories? What is the commentary presented about this topic?

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