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Adam Ross
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Joshua define being Jewish in "Middleman"?
(a) With physical traits.
(b) He can't define it.
(c) With character traits.
(d) With emotional traits.

2. In "In the Basement," how does Maria know Lisa?
(a) They worked together.
(b) They went to high school together.
(c) They were neighbors as children.
(d) They were college roommates.

3. Why does the agent in "Middleman" take on Elsa as a client?
(a) Her good looks.
(b) Her singing voice.
(c) Her acting skills.
(d) Her connections.

4. In "Middleman," what does Joshua's father say about his time in the Navy?
(a) That he felt others were prejudiced against him.
(b) That he converted to Christianity.
(c) That he made his best friends there.
(d) That he didn't try his hardest.

5. In "In the Basement," why is Nicholas unemployed?
(a) Because he is working on his dissertation.
(b) Because he was fired for stealing.
(c) Because he is undereducated.
(d) Because he always quits his jobs.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "When in Rome," how does Caleb say Kevin reacted to being choked?

2. Why does Kevin show Caleb a basement at his work in "When in Rome"?

3. In "Middleman," why can't Joshua get Elsa's attention?

4. Where was Joshua's father stationed in the Navy in "Middleman"?

5. In "In the Basement," how does Nicholas describe the tone of Lisa's wedding?

Short Essay Questions

1. After leaving Kevin's apartment in "When in Rome," why does Caleb return?

2. In what was are Caleb and Kevin different in "When in Rome"?

3. In "In the Basement," what is kept in a basement?

4. How does John feel at the end of "Middleman"?

5. In "Middleman," how does John meet Elsa?

6. How does Caleb try to mend his relationship with Kevin in "When in Rome"?

7. In "When in Rome," how do Caleb and Kevin react to being mugged?

8. At the end of "In the Basement," how does the narrator feel?

9. How does John feel about Judaism in "Middleman"?

10. What is the last thing Caleb does in "When in Rome"?

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