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Adam Ross
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where are Will's friends while he walks around the dorm on a ledge in "The Suicide Room"?
(a) Inside the building.
(b) On the fire escape.
(c) Watching from the room.
(d) Standing on the ground below.

2. How does Ms. Samuel introduce Dr. Pip Love-Wellman to David Applelow?
(a) As the leader of their workplace.
(b) As the founder of a company.
(c) As the master of a new realm.
(d) As a futurist for the business.

3. What does David Applelow do with the little money he has left during his unemployment?
(a) He counts it daily.
(b) He carries it all in his wallet.
(c) He puts a lock on his savings account.
(d) He hides his money in a book.

4. What happens after Will walks past Griffin at the end of "The Suicide Room"?
(a) He disappears.
(b) He swings from the fire escape.
(c) He jumps inside the window.
(d) He falls to his death.

5. How old is David Applelow in "Futures"?
(a) Early 40s.
(b) Early 50s.
(c) Late 40s.
(d) Late 50s.

6. In "Futures," why is David Applelow unemployed?
(a) He quit his job.
(b) His employer went out of business.
(c) He was fired.
(d) He isn't unemployed.

7. In "The Suicide Room," what does Will do to empty the dorm building so he and his friends can visit the site of a suicide?
(a) He says there are free drinks in a different building.
(b) He calls a pretend emergency dorm meeting.
(c) He pulls a fire alarm.
(d) He cuts off the electricity.

8. How many moths is Manion reported to have eaten?
(a) 11.
(b) 10.
(c) 13.
(d) 12.

9. What does David Applelow do when he doesn't hear back from Ms. Samuel after his first interview?
(a) He applies for jobs at restaurants.
(b) He moves in with Marnie.
(c) He starts taking classes at his community college.
(d) He goes back to Ms. Samuel's office.

10. When does Mike surprise Roddy with a visit to his office in "The Rest of It"?
(a) After Roddy's first lecture.
(b) Before Roddy's first lecture.
(c) After Roddy's final lecture.
(d) Before Roddy's final lecture.

11. Why does Roddy dislike where he lives in "The Rest of It"?
(a) He says it is too dirty.
(b) He says it is too remote.
(c) He says it is too loud.
(d) He says it is too large.

12. Why does Casey run away from kissing Griffin in "The Suicide Room"?
(a) Because Alyssa catches them.
(b) Because she wants to watch Will finish walking around the building.
(c) Because she knows it is wrong.
(d) Because she doesn't like him any more.

13. Why does David Applelow think admitting he doesn't believe in astrology will help him get the job in "Futures"?
(a) Because he thinks Ms. Samuel doesn't believe in it.
(b) He says he does believe in astrology.
(c) Because he thinks Ms. Samuel is testing him.
(d) Because he wants to be honest.

14. In "Futures," who does David Applelow have a beer with in Marnie Kastopolis' apartment?
(a) Zach.
(b) Ms. Samuel.
(c) No one.
(d) Marnie.

15. Whose letters does Roddy read in "The Rest of It"?
(a) His own.
(b) His co-worker's.
(c) His ex-wife's.
(d) His mother's.

Short Answer Questions

1. During David Applelow's final interview with Ms. Samuel, what does he guess?

2. What does David Applelow realize about himself while dining at the Greek restaurant with Zach?

3. How does David Applelow feel after his second interview with Ms. Samuel?

4. In "The Suicide Room," how did the boy die in Casey's story?

5. In "The Rest of It," what does Roddy do instead of visiting the lit star?

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