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Adam Ross
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Ladies and Gentlemen.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes David Applelow nervous about his job interview in "Futures"?
(a) Talking to people makes him nervous.
(b) He hasn't worked in a long time.
(c) He feels unqualified for the position.
(d) He knows nothing about the job.

2. In "When in Rome," why does Caleb start talking to Kevin again?
(a) Because Caleb misses his brother.
(b) Because Kevin needs money.
(c) Because both their parents pass away.
(d) Because Kevin becomes sick.

3. Why does Roddy visit a club in "The Rest of It"?
(a) To avoid going home.
(b) Because he drinks often.
(c) Because his ex-wife was there.
(d) To play in a band.

4. Why does Casey run away from kissing Griffin in "The Suicide Room"?
(a) Because Alyssa catches them.
(b) Because she wants to watch Will finish walking around the building.
(c) Because she doesn't like him any more.
(d) Because she knows it is wrong.

5. Why does Joshua ask his parents about being Jewish in "Middleman"?
(a) Because he wants to be Jewish.
(b) Because he has a religious awakening.
(c) Because he is afraid of being Jewish.
(d) Because he wants to practice an eastern religion instead.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "In the Basement," why does Nicholas say Lisa's husband's family teases him?

2. What does Will say he did right before his aunt died in "The Suicide Room"?

3. In "In the Basement," how does Maria know Lisa?

4. In "Middleman," what does Joshua tell Elsa he has done as an actor?

5. Why does Roddy feel awkward at the club in "The Rest of It"?

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